‘Pesticide Card’ needed for certain chemicals

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By Steve Moore

If you need to purchase and use restricted use pesticides in the upcoming growing season, you may need to renew (or get for the first time) your Private Pesticide Applicator Certification. 

The ‘Pesticide Card’ is good for three years.  The Henry County Extension Office is offering a certification class from 10 a.m. to noon, Thursday, Feb. 16. There is no fee for the program.  As always, it helps us in our meeting planning if you contact us at 845-2811 to let us know your intentions to attend.

Farmers Market
Association to meet

It will be time to start planting before long! The 2012 organizational meeting of the Henry County Farmers Market will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 21, at the Henry County Extension Office. If for some reason you cannot attend that night but are still interested in receiving information from the Farmers Market please be sure to contact the Extension Office at 845-2811 so we can keep you in the loop.

Emerald ash
borer update

Most people are aware of the danger to ash trees from the emerald ash borer throughout North America. According to a sobering USDA Forest Service publication, “Emerald ash borer is the most destructive forest insect introduced into North America in recent history. Our present ability to detect, contain, eradicate, or manage EAB infestations is limited….The eventual loss of the vast majority of ash trees in North America should be anticipated.”

Since 2009, 19 Kentucky counties, including Henry County, have found the invasive pest, and more can expect it to penetrate their landscapes. As a result of this invasion, a quarantine area surrounding these counties was set up to limit the spread of ash logs, lumber and firewood that contributes to spreading the emerald ash borer to other counties.  New occurrences are not extensive outside the current quarantine zone. However, the implications are costly, particularly for town and city governments because EAB causes street/shade trees to die.

Spread of EAB is also an issue for the wood industry. Currently, a permit is required to move wood outside the quarantine area, and since many transactions involve moving wood from one county to another, this is a burden on the industry.

There is no evidence from other states that spread of EAB has been slowed by any means. Nothing has been found effective. In short, EAB will continue to spread and it will be effective in causing mortality of ash trees.

For more information, please contact the Henry County Extension Service Office at 845-2811.

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