1812: Dunn buys 100 acres for $200

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By Hammer Smith

200 Years Ago

James B. Richards was released by the court from his indenture to James Hobbs.   Richards was to learn the hatter’s trade while apprenticed to Hobbs.

On June 1, 1812, Thomas Moore posted a bond of 50 pounds in order to secure a marriage license to wed Lucy Underwood, daughter of James Underwood.  The marriage was officiated by Henry Brinton, Minister of the Gospel, on June 4, 1812.

Daniel Farley, a Justice of the Peace, filed a claim for payment of bounty on two wolf’s scalps from animals he had killed in Henry County.  One of the animals was over six months of age and the other under six months.

175 Years Ago

As treasurer of the Poorhouse, Robert Samuel presented his settlement to the County Court.

Elijah Vandegrift posted a bond of 50 pounds on June 16, 1837, to secure a marriage license to wed Mary Jane Brown, daughter of Brazilla Brown.  The wedding held on June 18, 1837 was officiated by Rev. Isaac Malin.

On June 27, 1837, David Smith purchased a house and lot on Main Street in New Castle from James S. Nelson and his wife, Elizabeth, for the sum of $450.

150 Years Ago

Mary L. and Polk Ditto, orphans of William and Matilda Ditto being over 14 years of age, chose Abraham Ditto as their guardian.  The request was approved by County Judge John C. Monfort.

A group of petitioners living in the Lockport voting precinct requested the County Court to make an alteration to the boundary between their precinct and the Franklinton precinct for the convenience of travel to the voting site.  The request was approved by the court.

On June 19, 1862, President Lincoln outlined his controversial Emancipation Proclamation which outlawed slavery in all states that continue to be in rebellion against the Federal government.

On June 4, 1862, Jack Pryor secured a marriage license to wed Mollie McElwain.  Rev. W. W. Foree officiated the marriage on June 5, 1862.

125 Years Ago

Dr. C. T. Lay gave written notice that on June 27, 1887, he would petition the County Court to reduce the assessment of his piano from $500 to $50.  The piano had been assessed at $500 by Jessie Maddox, deputy assessor of Henry County.

Rev. H. G. Fleming officiated the marriage of G. M. Adams and Carrie L. Key on June 15, 1887.  Adams had secured the marriage license on June 13, 1887.           

On June 8, 1887, R. P. Samuel and M. A. Gray, Administratrix of the estate of B. B. Gray purchased a lot containing one-half acre near the town of New Castle from Jesse Kidd for the sum of $41.32

100 Years Ago

Mrs. Lydia Rucker qualified as administrator of the estate of her late husband, James Rucker.  S. T. Douthitt, County Court Clerk, was given the power to sign the names of John O. Demaree and Wesley Hall to the bond of Mrs. Rucker.

After obtaining a marriage license on June 11, 1912, Leonard Ward was married to Maud Bush on June 12, 1912.  Rev. J. L. Dean officiated the marriage ceremony.