1837: Ellis, Drane to build new jail

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By Hammer Smith

200 Years Ago

On a motion by Hezekiah Fore, at the December term of County Court, it was ordered that Gavin Adams, Rhody Hendricks, Daniel Warble and Peter Kinder, or any three of them, being first duly sworn to view and mark a road to run from Fore’s (Foree’s) Ferry on the Ohio River to the town of New Castle. After examining the way chosen fairly and impartially they were to report their findings to the court.

Rowland Thomas, Clerk of the Henry County Court, sent a summons, dated Dec. 17, 1812, to the Franklin County sheriff requesting that he arrest and hold Thomas Payne so he will appear at the February 1813 term of Court in New Castle.  Payne was wanted for failure to pay Jonathan Reid $15.73 awarded Reid in an appeal of a court case.

175 Years Ago

The justices at the December 1837 term of County Court ordered that Hugh T. Woolfolk be paid $4 for repairs he performed in and around the public square.

On Dec. 26, 1837, Robert Ellis and Edward C. Drane, the commissioners appointed to supervise the construction of a new jail and jailer’s house, reported to the County Court that the buildings were completed according to plans and had been constructed of acceptable materials with satisfactory workmanship.

150 Years Ago

G. W. Smith settled his account with A. B. Smith, his guardian, on Dec. 23, 1862.  The amount of his settlement was $2,987.96.

On Dec. 13, 1862, Columbus Roberts, Harrison S. Roberts, Solomon T. Roberts, Sarah Ann Roberts, Mary Jane Roberts, John Roberts, James Roberts, Sarah Ann Roberts, widow of Richard Roberts were summoned to appear in the Henry County Court on a petition by Nathan Roberts to settle the estate of Richard Roberts, deceased.  There is a note on the back of the summons that it was delivered to all except Columbus and Harrison S. Roberts who were serving in the Confederate Army.

125 Years Ago

The firm of Bradley & Gilbert, Louisville, presented a bill for $20.50 to the County Court on Dec. 30, 1887, for a court docket book, a ledger for recording court orders, and two copies of the General Statutes of Kentucky.

100 Years Ago

John A. Crabb authorized the County Clerk, S. T. Douthitt, to sign the bond of J. W. Clotfelter as a duly qualified Minister for performing marriage ceremonies.  The authorization was witnessed by George Fremd on Dec. 18, 1912.

On Dec. 3, 1912, A. M. Edwards filed two claims with County Court; one being for the amount of $15.75 for the use of his team of horses and a worker for 5.25 days and the other for $45.70 for 1,575 pounds of hay and 10 barrels of corn (delivered).  These items were fed to the horses that were used in working the roads.

Lizzie Bell petitioned the County Court, on Dec. 17, 1912, to appoint her husband, B. F. Bell, as her guardian.  No reason for the request was given.

One Dec. 23, 1912, A. Wainscott authorized F. A. Stroker, to sign his name (Wainscott’s) to his (Stroker’s) bond for judge of the town of Bethlehem.