1837: Sudduth paid $6 for building coffin

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By Hammer Smith

200 Years Ago

On Oct. 3, 1812, Jesse Moreland delivered the head of one wolf above the age of six months to Deputy Sheriff W. Webb for payment of bounty.  Amount of bounty not noted.

Levi Scott posted a marriage bond for 50 pounds on Sept. 29, 1812, and secured a license to marry Letticia Shelton, daughter of George Shelton.  They were married on Oct. 1, 1812, by Thomas Vandever, Minister of the Gospel.

175 Years Ago

Henry Sudduth was allowed $6 by the county court for constructing a coffin for William Argo, an indigent person.

On Oct. 2, 1837, Alfred Neal who lived on Six Mile Creek reported to Sheriff David Adams that he had taken in a stray, sorrel horse.  The horse was about six years old, stood about sixteen hands high and had a flax mane and tail.  It was appraised at $55.

On Oct. 2, 1837, John Black posted a marriage bond for 50 pounds and obtained a license to marry Martha Ann Brown.  The couple was married on Oct. 5, 1837, by Rev. Isaac Malin, Minister of the Gospel.

At the October term of Court, John H. Ladd was allowed $45 for his services at the poorhouse.

150 Years Ago

After securing a marriage license on Oct. 7, 1862, Thomas J. Moore and Caroline B. Arnold were married on Oct. 9, 1862, by W. H. Felix, Minister of the Gospel.

(Not Henry County)  The Battle of Perryville, Kentucky occurred on Oct. 8, 1862.  It involved General Braxton Bragg’s Confederates and General Don Carlos Buell’s Northern troops.  The result of this encounter, the most significant of the battles fought in Kentucky, is that Bragg is compelled to retreat southeastward.  Casualties are listed, for the Federals, at 845 dead, 2851 wounded and 515 missing, out of 36,940 men.  Confederates tally 510 killed, 2635 injured and 251 missing out of a total troop strength of 16,000.  Of the combined fighting force of 52,940, 14.4 per cent or 7,607 were either killed, injured or missing in battle.

125 Years Ago

On Oct. 11, 1887, George Marshall was appointed guardian of John Marshall, Alpheus Marshall, Emma Marshall and Ida Marshall by the County Court.

Joseph D. Browning secured a license on Oct. 4, 1887, to marry Kate M. Woirhaye.  They were married on October 5, 1887 in a ceremony officiated by J. W. Bruner, Minister of the Gospel.

On Oct. 11, 1887, Lewis N. Bryant purchased a house and lot in “the new city of Campbellsburg” from James and Sarah Jenkins for the sum of $525.

100 Years Ago

Dr. J. E. Dobyns filed a claim for $7.50 for his services to the indigent in Henry County.  The claim was paid on Oct. 2, 1912.

The County Court paid a claim of $6 to J. Stapp Mitchell for four days of work on a cistern.  The claim did not state where the cistern was located.  Evidently it was either at the courthouse or the poorhouse.