1861: W.W. Clubb reimbursed for $29.40 in food, cloth and more

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175 Years Ago

In the early years of Kentucky, when fences were very rare, it was legal to “take up” and care for stray farm animals.  The finder reported the stray to the sheriff who listed the animal along with a description in the stray book.  If an owner was not found for the animal the finder could keep it.  If the owner was found he could pay the finder for keeping the animal and take it back. 

There are many entries in the court records of the happening.  An example follows: Taken up by Presley Pepper as strays in Henry County on the waters of Six Mile Creek nine head of sheep, marked as follows: crop and under bit in the left ear and a shallow fork in the right ear.  The sheep had an appraised at $10.12.

150 Years Ago

Nancy Polsgrove directed the county judge to appoint L. D. Owen as administrator of the estate of her deceased husband, Sanford Polsgrove.

W. W. Johnston, Reuben Hoskins and S. Chandler authorized E. P. Thomas, Clerk of the County Court to sign their names as surety on Michael McCallister’s constable bond.

W. W. Clubb, committee for Elizabeth Pollard, filed a claim with the court for the following items furnished to Mrs. Pollard: 30 pounds of meal, 35¢; 14 pounds of beef & seven pounds of coffee, 2.20; 22.5 pounds of bacon, 2.25; 22 pounds of meal, 25 cents; 85 pounds of beef, $4.65; Bolt of cotton, $4; 30 pounds of pork, $1; 10 pounds of coffee, $2; two bushels of corn, $5; Calico, $2.50; 52 pounds of bacon, $5.20

125 Years Ago

Dick Ireland was, on the 16th day of December 1886, appointed by the Board of Trustees of the town of New Castle, Ky. to the office of Marshall of the town.    

Dr. George P. Oldham was allowed a claim of $33.33 for “pauper practice” (providing medical services to the indigent) in the New Castle district.  

C. S. Porter and R. W. Moody filed notice that on Dec. 6, 1886, they would apply to the County Court for a license to do business as a druggist and to sell prescription spirituous, vinous and malt liquors at their drug store in Eminence.

100 Years Ago

H. S. Ellis, Dealer in Groceries, Hardware, Tinware, Window Glass, Paints, Oils and Varnished in New Castle, filed a request for payment with the County Court for the following items: one dozen small needles, one ball of twine and two dozen cuspidors.  These items were for use in the courthouse.

The County Court paid $7.50 to B. W. Simpson for working on the cesspool at and repairing cellar in courthouse.
A claim for $7.50 was paid by the County Court to James H. Bovard for 60 gallons of gasoline at 12.5¢ per gallon.