1887: 43.5 acres purchased for $400

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By Hammer Smith

200 Years Ago

On July 27, 1812, two citizens were before the county court on the charge of breach of peace.  Both were found guilty and fined for their actions (no explanation given).  Peter Troutman was fined $4.17 and William O’Nan was fined $8.

On July 24, 1812, Isaac Green posted a marriage bond for 50 pounds in order to secure a license to marry Nancy Roberts, daughter of James Roberts.  The bond was co-signed by James Roberts.  The wedding ceremony was performed on July 30, 1812, by the Rev. Isaac Malin.

175 Years Ago

John Samuel Stubbins and Mary Jane Stubbins, infant heirs of John J. Stubbins, deceased, by Edmund P. Thomas, James M. Ogden and Richard White, commissioners appointed by the Henry County Court, sold to Richard Shockency a house and lot on Cross Street in New Castle, designated on the city plat as lot 75.  Sale price was $250.

John Boulware and Sarah Jane Grimes were married on July 11, 1837, in a ceremony officiated by the Rev. Isaac Malin.  The marriage license was obtained after a bond for $50 was posted by the groom on July 8, 1837.  The bride was the daughter of Charles B. Grimes, who co-signed the bond as surety for the groom.

150 Years Ago

John N. Oliver was appointed Notary Public by the Governor of Kentucky on July 10, 1862.  Notary Oliver posted a performance bond on July 14, 1862.  R. T. Oliver signed as surety on the bond.

President Lincoln presented his Emancipation Proclamation to his Cabinet.  This action produces surprise in most quarters.  The War Department announced that the military was empowered to employ as paid laborers any persons of African descent.

Pheby Kelley and Rowland Dickens were married on July 10, 1862, in a ceremony officiated by John Dulaney, Minister of the Gospel.  The wedding was witnessed by William Dickens and George Kelley.  The Marriage License was obtained by the groom on July 9, 1862.

125 Years Ago

W. J. Gurlitz, after having been elected Police Judge of Turners Station, posted a performance bond on July 27, 1887.  J. S. Turner and L. W. Lee co-signed the bond for Judge Gurlitz, as his surety.

On July 5, 1887, S. P. Oldham and Harry Morris purchased 43.5 acres of land on the waters of the Little Kentucky River in Henry County from W. L. Nichols and Sarah H. Nichols, his wife, for the sum of $400.

In a ceremony held on July 22, 1887, David Adams and Mary E. Curry were married by the Rev. John Downey.  The license was obtained by the groom on July 19, 1887

100 Years Ago

On July 10, 1912, the County Court purchased 15 office chairs for use in the courthouse.  The chairs cost $1.83 1/3 each for a total of $27.50.  The cost of the purchase was approved for payment by S. T. Douthitt, Clerk of the Court.

William G. Webster and Nellie B. Totten were married on July 1, 1912, in a ceremony officiated by C. O. Woodward.  The wedding was witnessed by Mrs. Maggie Moore and O. M. Humston.  The marriage license was obtained by the groom on June 29, 1912.