1888: Cook applies for alcohol permit

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By Hammer Smith

200 Years Ago

John Jones, Clerk of the Henry County Court, was allowed $2.37 for apprehending John Montgomery on a charge of felony and summoning three witnesses in behalf of the Commonwealth.

At the February term of the County Court, Edmund Searcy was appointed to check the weights and scales at Sullinger’s Warehouse.

On Feb. 27, 1813, Daniel Moore purchased a tract of land in Henry County on the banks of Six-Mile Creek. Neither acreage nor price paid are recorded in the deed. The description of the parcel is as follows: Beginning at a Beach (tree) marked, JR on the South side on the Bank of Six Mile Creek, running South to Spurgeon’s corner, thence West on Spurgeons line 178 poles to Spurgeons West Corner, thence North 179 poles to two Shugar  trees and a Hickory (tree) standing on the bank of a small drain, thence East to a Blue ash and a hickory (tree) marked with JR, thence at or near a right angle across the creek to two small ash (trees) on the bank of the Creek a little above the fording, thence down the creek meandering the bank until it strikes the beginning marked and specified above with its appurtenances (houses, barns and other buildings).

175 Years Ago

Joseph Brinker tendered his resignation as coroner of Henry County with the County Court at its February session.

On Feb. 5, 1838, Charles Williams was appointed by the Henry County Court to be the keeper of the poorhouse.  He posted a performance bond of $500, with Amasa Thompson as his surety.

At the February term of the County Court, Richard Moody, James Jackson, Steven D. Crabb and Daniel Birch were appointed to a committee to review and mark an alteration to the road leading from New Castle to Middletown.

150 Years Ago

Due to the Civil War, county records for this time are scarce or non-existent.  For a period of time, Federal troops bivouacked in the courthouse and on the public square.  Damage was done to the building, the rail fence around the square and the trees in the yard were cut for firewood.  After the war a claim for $2,500 was filed with the Federal Government of which $1,500 was eventually paid to the County Court.  Records of this action are on file at the History Center.

125 Years Ago

On Feb. 6, 1888, C. P. Cook, a druggist in New Castle, posted a bond so he might traffic in spirituous, vinous and malt liquors in his drug store.  George E. Minor and Rob Dixon signed the bond as surety.

R. A. Wooldridge purchased a tract of land containing fifteen and one-half acres from David Adams and Elizabeth H. Adams, his wife.  The selling price was $275.

A. W. Burton authorized County Clerk W. W. Turner, to sign his name to a release of a mortgage lien, in the amount of $860.52, he held on land at Smithfield.  Mr. Burton sold the property to E. S. Boswell in 1884. 

100 Years Ago

Ed Watkins, County Road Supervisor, presented a claim in the amount of $134.49, to the County Court for work performed on the county roads in the Smithfield precinct.  Those working and the amounts to be paid to each are: James Allen - $18; Joe Gividen - $8.67; Coalman Ridgeway – $1.95; W. D. Beatty - $101.50; And Guthrie Crabb - $4.37.

On Feb. 15, 1913, John A. Crabb authorized S. J. Douthitt, County Clerk, in writing, to sign his name to the bond of George W. Young as Administrator of the estate of Mrs. Rosa Boshardt, deceased.