4-H begins new program year

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By Cathy Toole

October is the official month that 4-H begins its new program year. While we have a great group of youth that are involved in 4-H across the county there is always room for more. I would like to encourage parents as well as those age eligible, ages 9-19, to take advantage of some of these great opportunities to learn and grow in a fun environment. Here are a few of the clubs that I would like to highlight this week.

Adriana Plum, who is a wonderful leader and trainer, leads the Dog Club. Her Australian shepherds are fascinating to watch and have won many awards. Adriana likes to meet twice a month with the dogs at the Henry County Fairgrounds Building from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm. The next meeting will be on Monday, October 21. During the winter months the club members work with their dogs on basic obedience skills. The club meetings are short because, like many children, dogs have a short attention span. Adriana stresses that the training should be fun for the dog as well as the youth working with the dog. When spring arrives, the club meets at Adriana’s farm and starts work with rally and agility. Both of these are club member favorites. They are full of action. The dog club also benefits dogs that need more socializing with their own kind. It is interesting to see how the dogs begin to interact within their own species. I hope that if you are interested you will drop by next Monday and check us out.

A new club that is beginning on the last Tuesday of each month, Oct. 29 will be the Art Club. Krista Allen will be teaching this club. Krista is better known as the mom of Kassidy and Kourtney. She has a degree in art and asked if she could begin a club that would try a different medium of art each month. This first month will be a decoupage frame project. A great thing about this club is that each month members will be creating projects that can be entered into the Henry County Fair, which is a great venue to show off the clubs work while earning premium money. Krista is a lot of fun and I think this will be a very popular club. I know I am looking forward to the projects she has in mind.

If you would like to know more about what 4-H has to offer, please give us a call at 845-2811.