4-H communications and variety show results

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By Cathy Toole

The 4-H Communications Event and Variety Show was held on April 10th at the Henry County Cooperative Extension Service office.

Those that competed in the speech category were: Jakob Beckley in the 15-year-old category with a speech entitled “Hemp” and the potential uses and increase to the American economy.

Katherine Buckler’s speech in the 14-year-old category was on “Water Step” a new nonprofit movement to turn old shoes into water filtration systems in third world countries.

Both Jakob and Katherine won their events and will go on to compete in the district competition.

Demonstrations followed the speeches with Katherine Buckler giving a Software Presentation entitled “CD Remix.”

Katherine shared how you can turn old CD’s and clothing items into something new by combining the two. Katherine cut up the CD’s and bedazzled plain t-shirts and jeans.

Kassidy Allen gave a PowerPoint presentation on Sacagawea. She included main events in her life as well as sharing how she led the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

In Crafts and Photography Skylar Noyes shared “How to Make a Dream Catcher.”

Skylar shared some of the history and tradition of the dream catcher among Native Americans. She also shared the steps to create a dream catcher.

In the Team Demonstrations Taylor Lyon and Heidi Adams shared how to make resin charms.

The charms have many purposes and can be used to decorate many items.

Christopher Roberts shared with the audience how to make a lime cheesecake in his foods demonstration.

We all agreed that the cheesecake was delicious!

In the health category Emily Bratton shared how to make spa products at a fraction of the price of purchasing them.

Emily turned her spa products into a great gift basket.

Everyone that gave demonstrations received blue and champions.

In the variety show Kassidy Allen played “Ode to Joy” on her violin in the instrumental category.

In the vocal category Caitlin Beutel sang a beautiful song.

Kassidy and Caitlin both received blue and champion in their categories.

All of those that competed are now eligible to attend the 4-H District Communications Event that was held in Spencer County on May 10.

Each participant also received a $10 gift certificate from the Henry County 4-H Council.

I would like to offer a special thank you to all of the parents for their support and assistance.