4-H Communications Event & Variety Show

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By Cathy Toole

The annual 4-H Communications Event and Variety Show was held on Tuesday, March 20.

The evening began with speeches.  Sarah Courtney gave a very interesting speech on Chincoteague ponies in the 9-year-old category; she received a blue and champion. Katherine Buckler presented her take on allowing college basketball players to join the NBA after only one year of college in her speech entitled “One and Done;” she received a blue and champion in the 12-year-old category.  Jakob Beckley gave a passionate speech entitled, “Leaders of Kentucky” in which he spoke about his time spent in the Capitol as a page.  Jakob received a blue and champion.

Following the speeches the junior demonstrations were presented.  In the crafts division Kellyn Smith gave a demonstration titled “Crocheting” and had several examples of items she has made; she received a blue and champion.

Also in the craft division, Emily Bratton made wonderful smelling bath salts during a demonstration entitled “Making Bath Salts;” she received a blue ribbon.

In Science, Engineering and Technology, Kendyll Smith showed everyone how she made a Lego robot and programmed it to throw balls.  She presented the information with the help of a PowerPoint slideshow, and received a blue and champion.

Camryn McManis gave a PowerPoint presentation on different horse breeds.  Camryn received a blue for her efforts, and will be eligible to attend the state horse communications event. 

In the general category Katherine Buckler presented a demonstration called “Knots” where she created a purse out of a t-shirt; Katherine received a blue and champion.

In the cooking category Camryn McManis showed the audience how to decorate a cake.  Not only was the cake pretty it was delicious as well; Camryn received a blue.

Jakob Beckley made meatloaf hamburgers.  He also showed the audience how they could be made into sliders for entertaining.  The sliders were a big hit with the audience; Jakob received a blue and champion.

Following the demonstrations was the variety show. 

Vocal performances were the first category.  Owen Berry and Gabe Hughes sang a duet to “Forget You.”  They received blue ribbons.

McManis sang “Mean” by Taylor Swift receiving a blue.  Caitlin Beutel sang “What Can I Say” also receiving a blue ribbon.  Allie Perry sang “Journey to the Past” and received blue and champion of the vocalist. 

In the physical skills category Maddie Hensley, Claire Young, Zoey Holland and Haley Payton danced to “Forget You” and received a blue and champion.

Katherine Buckler performed a classical ballet that she choreographed herself and received a blue.  Kellyn and Kendyll Smith danced to “Shades of Batman.”  They received blue ribbons as well. 

The judges for the evening were asked to choose the best two performances of the evening to go to the District  No. 3 competition, and they chose Allie Perry and Caitlin Beutel.

Once again this year the 4-H Council agreed to give a $10 gift certificate to each junior aged participant and a $20 gift certificate to each senior aged participant.  The certificates may be used for any 4-H activity or event that requires a fee.

I would like to offer a big thank you to all of the participants, parents and judges.  I was so proud of all the participants and thankful to the parents for their help.