4-H provides community, communication

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By Cathy Toole

A broad range of communications expertise is a vital skill for today’s youth and tomorrow’s adults. 4-H helps youth improve their quality of speech and association with others, whether one-on-one in a job interview or providing a keynote address in a banquet hall.

Communications programs are a long-standing tradition of 4-H. As part of these programs, members are able to deliver a speech, give a banquet address, lead a community service project, demonstrate skills associated with project work or show a younger member how do a project-related task. All of these help 4-H’ers master communications skills, become more independent, gain a sense of belonging and generously share this expertise. Senior 4-H’ers also have the opportunity to compete in mock job interviews.

When young people learn the logical way to prepare a speech or present information, they develop organizational and critical-thinking skills. Competitive events give 4-H’ers the opportunity to practice what they have learned and receive positive, constructive suggestions to improve.

Delivering a speech or presentation develops independence and self-confidence. These experiences help youth overcome the fear of speaking in public. 4-H members know that success is due to preparation and presentation skills.

People have the opportunity to bond with others and gain a sense of belonging when speaking with ease in front of large groups or a few individuals. The ability to speak in public can open many doors in terms of personal friendships and professional advancement.

When youth master skills, gain independence and develop a sense of belonging, they often want to share their achievements, by initiating and leading a service project in the community or helping other youth in various ways. Generosity such as this is an innate part of all aspects of our 4-H youth development program.

Henry County will host the Communication Event along with the Variety Show 6 p.m., Thursday, April 10, at the Henry County Extension office. The variety acts will follow the communications event. There are five different areas to compete in: vocal, instrumental, physical skills, comedy and drama. There are two divisions: junior division ages are from 9 -13, while senior division ages are 14-19. There will be winners chosen from each category and there can be up to four participants in an act. There is additional information available at the following website www.henrycounty4h.com, if you have any questions call 845-2811. All participants must pre-register.

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