59 contestants • 13 teams • 610.8 pounds lost

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Submitted by Brenda Mason

The Henry County Biggest Loser Contest has come to an end for 2011.  We thank everyone, North Central District Health Department, Henry County Extension Office, Henry Christian Church, and the contestants for participating in the contest. 

Remember to continue to strive for the healthy lifestyle to make a difference in our community.  

A total of 610.8 lbs were lost in our community.  Henry County, give yourself a pat on the back.

1st place team

Heaven Help Us, who lost 8.83 percent of their total body weight. Team members are: Evelyn Padgett, Paula Petree, Tommie Tingle and Nikki Tingle. The team was in the lead for 10 consecutive weeks.

2nd place team

Wacky Warrior Women, who lost 8.48 percent of their total body weight. Team members are: LeeAnn Armstrong, Donna McClamroch and Carol Sprietzer.

Individual Biggest Losers

Men: Robbie Poe – 36.6
Women: Evelyn Padgett – 28.8

Couples combined weight loss

  • Robbie and Amy Poe    61.4 pounds
  • Tommie and Nikki Tingle    34.4 pounds
  • Gary and Rebecca Miller    33.2 pounds

100 lbs. barrier

  • Maranda Anderson
  • Gary Miller
  • Evelyn Padget
  • Tommie Tingle
  • Tomi Uehlein
  • Karen Wilson

20 pounds or More

  • Gary Dodson 21.6
  • Evelyn Padgett 28.8
  • Rosemary Lloyd 20.8
  • Chuck Banta 20.0
  • Amy Poe 24.8
  • Robbie Poe 36.6
  • Carol Sprietzer 21.8

Most pounds lost by a team

Strivin For Skinny 84.8