6th Annual Operation Henry County Cares: We have not forgotten

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By The Staff

Since the War in Iraq started, the support has weakened for our soldiers, especially wounded soldiers who are overseas. I know that our great community can do a lot to help in this matter. The Senior Class of 2008 and I would like to invite you to join us in supporting troops who are serving overseas. This is a special year for us because two of the brigades we are supporting are being led by two Henry County graduates and it is only fitting that we begin this year's soldier drive on Veteran's Day. As with years past, we adopt groups and support them for the entire school year. If you would like to donate, we have listed the needs/wants of the troops. There are many ways to support them even if your budget does not allow you to purchase extra items, you can write a letter or send children's artwork. If you would like to help you can drop the items off in care of Judy Rice to the high school or I can arrange for pick-up if your office, organization or workplace would like to hold a drive. We thank all of you for your past and continued support of this service to the community. You can also help with postage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Judy Rice, Henry County High School Senior Sponsor

Care Package Information

Holiday decorations for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's are now being collected. You can also send a wrapped gift (designate male or female).

Food Items

Instant coffee, powdered hot chocolate, tea bags, candy, bubblegum, Kraft Easy Mac, beef jerky, power bars, Chex mix, lollipops, Ragu Express, powdered Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Slim Jims, Little Debbies, Rice Krispie Treats, microwave popcorn, granola bars, dried fruit, summer sausage, gum and instant soup.