8th Annual New Castle Lions Club Truck and Tractor Pull

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By Melissa Blankenship

The New Castle Lions Club held its 8th annual Truck and Tractor Pull this past weekend. Although poor track conditions resulted in a cancellation Friday night, Saturday night’s pull went off without a hitch. Pullers from nine states made the trip to the fairgrounds to compete in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League sanctioned event. The event’s coordinator, Justin Atchison, was quick to point out all those who contributed to the effort, including the New Castle Lions Club members, Nate Buckler, Steve Davie, Camie Hagan and Michael Douglas.



2.6 DIESEL TRUCKS                       

Full Pull Distance - 320           

1. All Attitude,Rob Wright, McArthur, Oh.            Dodge            315.45

2. All She’s Got Nicollette Weiler Connersville, In.            Chevy  309.65

3. Wrecker, Adam Hallien,            Ft. Wayne, In.                         Dodge            304.94

4. Baa-d Addiction Nick Weaver,            Fremont, Mi.                        Dodge            299.89

5. All Night Long            Kile Clamme, Upland, In. Dodge  298.33

6. Cummin Atcha, Ben Braunecker Jasper, IN.                        Dodge            297.86

7. Most Hated, Matt Holderly, Chalmers, In.                        Dodge  296.06

8. Makin Bacon, Justin Gearhart, Kingston, Oh.            Dodge            294.24

9. The Crippler, Joshua Land, Lancaster, Ky. Dodge  292.70

10. Cory Hesson, Lafayette, Tn. Dodge                        292.49

11. Burn’ Burley, Jeremy McDaniel, Danville, Ky.            Dodge            292.33

12. Till She Blows, Matt Sparkman, Commiskey, In.  Chevy  287.34

13. Get Over It,            Joe Hill            Oblong, Ill. Chevy  281.72

14. Ag-Unit, Sean Michaelson, Beaver Creek, Oh. Dodge  280.42

15. The Hulk, Jon Swartentraber, Logootee, IN. Chevy  279.52

16. The Menace, Eric Squires,            Angola, In.                        Chevy            257.78

17. Burley X-press, Chase Eller, Lafayette, In.                        Dodge            250.23

18.  97 Dodge, Justin Hill, Kansas City, Mo.            Dodge            157.04

19. Burleybilt, Tyler Eller            Lafayette, TN. Dodge                        93.09

SUPER FARM TRACTORS                                   


1. Maximum Overdrive Clay Darnekll, Cynthiana, Ky. IH 1486            299.34

2. Wicked Whitetail, Jeremy Roberts Sullivan, IN.  JD            293.77

3. Never Say Never,            Brent Weber, Ft. Branch, In.  IH            292.83

4. Natural Disaster,            Tad Ingram, Pendleton, Ky.  JD            288.32

5. The Agitator,Blain Fraker, Marshall, Ill.                        JD  285.17

6. Red Scorpion, Mac Darnell,Cynthiana, Ky.            IH 1086  284.23

7. High Maintenan$e            Josh Miley, Francisco, In.                        IH  272.87


4 WHEEL DRIVE TRUCKS                                   


1. Stray Dog, Darrell Varner, Midway, Ky.              Ford  306.83

2. Ratical, Steve Clem            Versaile, Ky. Chevy                        297.63

3. Runnin’ Wild Texas Style, Charles Hinds,            Quitman, Tx.  Ford  289.55

4. War Wagon, David Mills, Knoxville, Tn.                        Dodge  287.12

5. Spellbound, Tom Tormoehlen, Vallonia, In.  Chevy  287.10

6. Fast Break, Gary Varner, Midway, Ky.  06 Ford  286.13

7. Just Passin Through,            Steve Echlinger, Holgate, Oh.  Chevy  282.52

8. Midnight Rider, Jim Bosch, West Olive, Mi.            Chevy  282.12

9. Untamed Spirit, Terry Hagedorn, Thompson Mo.            Chevy  280.40

10. Charmed, Leann Tormoehlen, Vallonia, In.  Chevy  278.36

11. Fatheadz, Jake Zaring, Fillmore, In.  Dodge                        275.44

12. Knight Rider, Brad Hunter, Salem, Ky.  Chevy  272.24

13. Lean Meat Machine, Larry Smith, Holland, Mi. Chevy  270.31

14. Dixie Chopper, Jake Zaring, Fillmore, In.  Dodge            269.69

15. Ram Rod, Eddie Allen, Nashville, Tn.  Dodge                        267.41

16. Gun Powder & Lead, Terry Hagedorn, Thompson, Mo.            Chevy            258.54

17. American Ride, Danny Hunter, Salem, Ky.  Chevy  254.26

18. Back Draft, Bill Kear,            Knoxville, Tn.  Chevy                        81.08