Activity points toward CVS arrival

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By Brad Bowman

Recent activity in Eminence indicates the arrival of a CVS store will happen possibly in 2013.

On Dec. 10, Mayor Drane Stephens announced at Eminence City Council new businesses have opened on Eminence’s Main Street based on what is happening across the street.

“A new toy store is opening, the Hispanic people will reopen the clothing store instead of focusing on their store in Owenton and a new resident has opened a pet store,” Stephens said. “Because things are happening across the street.”

Michael and Karen Paris, Eminence, sold the former Kings Auto Parts building to Five Star Development LLC, acting by and through manager Sally Lambert, Birmingham, Ala., for $275,000. According to public records, the Parises bought the property for $35,000 in March.

The addition of CVS on the corner of Main Street and Broadway in Eminence garners interest for future business prospects while preserving existing businesses.

“There are more aspects and another business coming in the site but (I) still cannot comment on the name until completely final,” Stephens said in an e-mail. “We have been working with the businesses to relocate because they are very important to our community. We are very hopeful all affected businesses will be able to find new locations.”

Jeff Browning of Browning Chevrolet said he welcomes the relocation.

“We will be returning to our successful past. Me, my dad and our employees are looking to forward to it,” Browning said. “This is something we were going to do anyway and CVS has just been the catalyst for us to move back to our original location.”

Browning said the deadline for the dealership to have everything moved is theoretically, Jan. 31.

“We are remodeling and adding on. We won’t be finished by Jan. 31 but we will be moved in and we look forward to it. Now we have what we need to be more efficient in one location, “ Browning said. “Customers won’t have to cross the street anymore between the buildings and it’s where we should’ve stayed in hindsight. We sold just as many cars and have been just as successful as we were across the street.”

Browning said the company will combine its service department and showroom together for customer convenience.

Until the second week of December, the development company who is bringing in CVS had the option to back out based on EPA reports and other permits for the Brownings’ property.

“They could’ve walked away at that point without any further obligation,” Browning said. “The KOI building has been given the same deadline for now, but the building’s future is not yet certain. It depends on which plan the development company goes for.”

Overall, Browning considers relocation and the new businesses a plus to the city.

“We are planning to give customers the same level of service and hopefully better that we have provided for the past 50 years,” Browning said. “Nobody had considered moving into those storefronts on Main Street and the town has been looking pretty grim for a while. Now those places are filling up. It’s exciting. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and my dad for 50 and competition breeds more business.”

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