Adams show improvement in first year

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College update-Todd Adams

By Greg Woods

Former Eminence Warrior first baseman Todd Adams has continued his baseball career this year as a freshman for the Pikeville University Bears. Adams played first base and some outfield this year mostly for the JV team.

“My college experience has been different both as a player and a student. As far as baseball, the skills and level of play is increased so much from high school it takes a little adjusting. As far as school, the biggest adjustment is that you are on your own. Everything from eating to studying is on you.”

Like other area students who have moved on to play college sports, Adams thinks that the speed of college athletes makes for a tougher game. “The toughest adjustment for me is the skill level and the pace of play,” he said.

Adams feels his first year of college has made a difference in his game. “I feel like my biggest improvement as a baseball player from high school to college is defensively,” he said.

Adams said he was prepared for the most part for the college experience and can’t wait to get on with it.

“It’s pretty much what I expected because of the advice of my teachers and other adults, but after my first year expectations have changed a little,” he said.  “I now see that living on your own can help you grow and I have had to adjust to the amount of time I have on my hands while in school. I’m just ready to continue this journey.”