Ag meetings for January, February

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By Tawnja Morris

Last week, we listed several conferences and winter meetings for those interested in fruits and vegetables, horses, tobacco, sheep and goats, forages, and cattle.  We hope that you will make a point to get to the programs which interest you.  If you need more details, please contact the Henry County Extension Office at 845-2811 when we open up Monday, Jan. 3.

Healthy Horse Seminar
While most of the meetings we discussed last week were in central locations to take care of participants from across the regions or state, there are a couple of local interest meetings we’ll mention today.  On Saturday, Jan. 29, the Shelby County Extension Office is host to the Annual Healthy Horse Seminar.  Beginning about mid morning, with a lunch provided, the seminar will address many of the health issues which need attention to make sure your interaction with horses is safe, fun, enjoyable, and healthy for both you and your horse.  Contact us to pre-register at 845-2811.

Field Appraisal and Recovery
If you are concerned about the health and productivity of your hay and pasture fields after another record drought, we invite you to attend the Forage Appraisal and Recovery Seminar on Wednesday, Feb. 2, 10 a.m., at the Shelby County Extension Office.  Drs. Ray Smith and Bill Witt will be on hand to discuss plant reactions to stress, how to make a field by field appraisal of plant health for 2011 production, and methods to minimize weed competition in stressed fields.  

Local Fruit and Vegetable Production/Marketing
More and more folks are testing the waters of Fruit and Vegetable production.  It makes sense to investigate one’s potential to produce and market profitably when you consider the increasing downward pressures to traditional farm enterprises like tobacco and dairy, and the fact that we are within easy reach of 25 percent of the state’s population in Louisville alone.  

To further explore the industry and its many complexities, we have a producers meeting planned for Tuesday, Feb. 15, at Capstone Produce Auction in Campbellsburg.  The morning would focus on production and the afternoon on marketing options. The following topic/speakers are planned:  Dr. Tim Coolong — tomatoes, pumpkins, fertility, irrigation:  Dr. John Strang — melon production, small fruits:  Dr. Kenny Seebold — disease management (tomatoes + cucurbits):   Steve Berberich — mum production:  Adam Watson — food safety.