And they're off!

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

On November 4, Henry Countians won’t just be casting their vote for president of the United States. Every City council and commission seat is up for grabs, as are two seats on the Eminence Board of Education and three on the Henry County Board of Education. As of 4 p.m. Tuesday, the following residents filed to run for those seats:

Eminence Board of Education

George Armstrong III

Ben Coomes

Danny Fisher

Henry County Board of Education

District 1 - John W. Smith Jr.

District 3 - Danney Chisholm

District 4 - Donald R. Tipton

Campbellsburg City Council

(Six seats)

Jennifer Dawn Bratton

Jan Fletcher

Daniel Lane

Rex Wayne Morgan

Shelley Noe

Jason S. Stanley

John E. Suter

Eminence City Council

(Six seats)

Elizabeth LeeAnn Armstrong

Treva Browning

Shawn Bright

Tom Ferguson

Manda Gingrich

Leo Mason

Ervin L. “Bob” McGee

Danny Meadows

Howard Roberts

Glenn Simpson

Drane Stephens

Rochelle “Shelley” Summerlin

Richard Thomas

Pauline “Polly” Troxell

New Castle City Commission

(Four seats)

Dennis W. Benham

Donna Gatewood

Linda Golden

Anthony Pierce

Tommy Lane Pollard

Charlie Sevier

Wanda Thurman

Pleasureville City Commission

(four seats)

Gary Grigsby

Vic Harrod

Pam Whitaker

R.L. Wilson

Sandra Woods

Smithfield City Commission

(four seats)

Leslie L. Bryant

Lynn Fox

Greg Jamison

Saundra Smith