Applications for Soil and Water Conservation

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The Henry County Conservation District is now accepting Kentucky Soil Erosion and Water Quality Cost Share Applications on a continuous basis. This is designed to make the program more “landowner friendly” and address the needs of a landowner any time during the year.  As landowners plan conservation projects with the assistance of their local conservation district, they will be able to apply for financial assistance for projects without waiting for a designated sign up period.

Thousands of Kentucky landowners have received state assistance through the program. This money has assisted landowners in all of Kentucky’s 120 counties.

Many state cost share practices are offered through the state cost share program. Some examples are: agriculture and animal waste control facilities, stream bank stabilization, animal waste utilization, vegetative filter strips, integrated crop management, pesticide containment, sinkhole protection, pasture and hay land forage quality and heavy use area protection. A list of all practices is available at conservation.ky.gov/Pages/StateCostShare.aspx.

The Kentucky Soil Erosion and Water Quality Cost Share program is funded through the Tobacco Settlement Funds and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. For the 2013 program year, $2.5 million will be available to landowners across the state.

For more information on the Kentucky Soil Erosion and Water Quality Cost Share program, visit the HENRY County Conservation District located at 1125 Campbellsburg Road, New Castle. You may also call the district at 502-845-2890.