Back-to-school resources for students, parents and teachers

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By Geoff Davis

August is a special time of year, full of new beginnings.  Whether it is the first day of kindergarten, middle school, high school or college, each new school year brings excitement and new challenges for families, students, teachers and administrators.  Pat and I have two kids in college, three starting a new school year, and our eldest daughter is a teacher.  Our family is getting ready for an exciting new school year. 
In every way possible, I want our office to be a resource to you.  This was the reason the Student Corner section of my website was first created.  The Student Corner was designed as a one-stop shop for students, parents and teachers for information on the federal government; educational resources; and services and programs offered by my office.  This page includes content specific to elementary, middle and high school students to help them learn more about American history and the U.S. government.
The Student Corner also has pages for teachers who are interested in resources for lesson plans and learning activities.  There are additional resources for parents and college-age students who are looking for help with financial aid and student loans.  To access the Student Corner section of my website, please visit GeoffDavis.house.gov/Kids.
As a member of Congress, I have the privilege of nominating a select group of individuals for admission to the U.S. Service Academies, which include the Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, Military, and Naval Academies.  Students interested in applying for one of these highly competitive appointments should contact my office during their junior year of high school or plan to attend our annual Academy Day event.

High school students are also eligible to compete in the Congressional Art Competition held each spring.  The winning student will have their work displayed in the corridor connecting the U.S. Capitol Building to the House Office Buildings, fly to Washington D.C. for the art competition unveiling, and be awarded a scholarship to help develop their artistic abilities.  For more information and the official rules, please visit: GeoffDavis.house.gov/Kids/art.htm.   

Qualified college students, regardless of major, can apply for internships in my Washington, D.C. and local offices.  There is no application deadline.  Interns are accepted during the spring, summer, and fall.  However, due to limited space, there are a limited number of interns that may work in the office at any given time, so I encourage interested students to visit GeoffDavis.house.gov/Kids/internships.htm and submit an application as soon as possible.

My staff and I work to make ourselves as accessible as possible to Kentucky schools and teachers both at home and in Washington, D.C.  If your school will be making a trip to Washington in the future, I would encourage you to contact my office and plan a Capitol tour, as well as other tours with which we might be able to assist.  I always look forward to visiting with school groups, taking a photo on the Capitol steps, and answering student questions.

Additionally, we can assist schools with obtaining U.S. flags flown above the U.S. Capitol and copies of the U.S. Constitution upon request.

Finally, as the new school year gets underway, I encourage you to stay in touch with my office and let us know what you think about federal education policy and how we can help.  A quality education is critical to the development of every young person and to our future as a nation.  Your input will help me to best represent the needs of our schools, students and teachers.