Bathrooms should be open during mobile food pantry

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I am writing in regards to the Mobile Food Pantry that comes to the Henry County Fairgrounds the fourth Wednesday of every month.

I think this is a great service that is being offered to the less fortunate citizens of Henry County. But there aren’t any restroom facilities available to use. I am a handicapped senior that has bladder issues. I know it is a long time that everyone has to sit in their cars to wait and get the food. If you don’t get there early to get a good place in line, you don’t get hardly any food.

I had to call the Henry County Judge Executive’s office and talked to (Peggy) Bryant to ask her if someone could come out at noon to open a restroom to use.

They did nothing about getting a restroom open. Luckily, Travis (Buchanan) came to his office and myself and a group of other people asked him if he could open a restroom for us to use, and he said yes.

But it was only open for about 10 minuntes until he had to leave to go somewhere.

Is it too much for the county to have a restroom opened this one day every month for the less fortunate citizens of Henry County to use? If the county can’t have a restroom open, please have a port-a-pot for us to use. I would have hated to use the restroom beside the building or beside my car. But I would have done that to keep from using it on myself.

Hedy Smithers

New Castle