Big ideas don’t come from just big cities

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By Brad Bowman

In this week’s issue of the Henry County Local, I met with several business owners that were expanding their business or pursuing new avenues of revenue.

I also attended the Forecastle Festival in Louisville where more than 30,000 people attended for three days of music, art and activism. Not preachy activism, but practical means for sustainability in regards to local economies and the environment as a whole. I  attended the Henry County Public School Board meeting where they are pursuing a program that integrates the Internet as a learning tool.

Despite any opposition and naysayers, I hope the public and parents realize that this is a necessary resource students need to know how to properly exploit for college.

To see independently owned businesses finding new ways to survive and be supported by their community, hear how the public school board wants to make learning a more three dimensional experience and find locally produced agriculture goods from Henry County at an art, activism and music festival almost knocks me out of my seat with joy.

Is this the same county I grew up in where in the 80s our farming community’s demise seemed inevitable?

The idea of our farmers being linked to an artsy festival with idealistic views of environmental stewardship sounds too chic for Kentucky. Watermelons from our county and peaches from Bray’s Orchard in neighboring Trimble County were used by ValuMarket at the festival. How could this have happened?

Before we know it, we will have to entertain tourists and intellectuals from New York who want to dissect our common sense with dissertations pertaining to education and agriculture.

All prattle and joking aside, it makes me proud to see our rural county support each other like a community and our public education policy embrace technology with innovative ways to prepare students for the world.

It reaffirms to me that big ideas don’t have to come from big cities nor does the promise of great possibilities or opportunity.