Biggest Loser - Getting my body back through determination

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By The Staff

It all began in October 2006 with a wound in my foot that wouldn’t heal. I have diabetes — plus asthma, advanced arthritis in both knees, spinal stenosis and stents in my thigh and heart to open blocked arteries.

I returned to work, but retired in December 2007 because I couldn’t work on crutches and had no energy. Meanwhile, a sunburn on my shin became infected, causing a deep painful wound that took nine months to heal. “Life” consisted of medical appointments and procedures.

I began participating in Body Recall classes at the extension office in January 2008. This program made me realize that even though I couldn’t walk, I could exercise sitting in a chair. I pushed myself to see what I could do to increase my strength and flexibility. I owe my comeback to Body Recall.

In February, I started working out at Curves, using my cane to move between stations. Now I leave my cane in the car. I lost a total of 12” in 2.5 months. Even if I can’t use every machine on the circuit, I can always find a way to do something to use energy. I get really stiff if I don’t move around. The secret is to keep moving. Do everything you can, and you will soon be able to do more. I am thrilled  with my increased strength and flexibility.