Bramlage to open Women’s Total Fitness

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By Brad Bowman

Ruth Bramlage struggled with her weight and rheumatoid arthritis before exercise freed her from large amounts of medication and a life of pain.

Bramlage will open Women’s Total Fitness of Henry County in New Castle next to New Castle City Hall on East Cross Main at 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 9.

Bramlage ran a successful fitness facility in Shelbyville and plans to do the same in New Castle. Bramlage will offer a circuit weight resistance and aerobic workout facility for women.

“It’s hard for women today because they wear so many hats,” Bramlage said. “Now that kids are back in school, women may have the time.  The nice thing about hydraulic equipment is that it’s very gentle on the joints. It’s good for people in their 60s or for younger people that really want to push themselves.”

Bramlage’s previous fitness facility grew from 97 members to 247 within four months. Ever since she sold the business, Bramlage wanted to do something in Henry County.

“We moved here 17 years ago and I want to do this for Henry County,” Bramlage said. “We will initially have opening hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. till 1p.m. to catch the moms after they drop off their children or for those who work in the area who can take time during their lunchtime for a 30-minute workout. We will reopen from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for people getting off work.”

Bramlage will offer demos on the equipment and allow those that set up appointments to try out the equipment free on opening day. Women’s Total Fitness of Henry County will have 12 different hydraulic machines available to work different areas of the body. Bramlage will offer coaching and instruction.

“It takes 30 minutes to stress a muscle for maximum benefit and 60 seconds to relax it,” Bramlage said. “I will mix lower body and upper body stations for people to do that and use aerobic exercises between stations to keep the heart rate high enough in between machines.”

Bramlage had a career in dentistry and studied nutrition and kinesiology. At 57, she considers the business equal parts of passion and semiretirement.

“One of the key things is I’ve always struggled with was my weight, rheumatoid arthritis and I also had fibromyalgia.” Bramlage said. “I tried prescription drugs and I developed an interest in working with women for forming muscle mass and more energy.”

Bramlage said exercise helps with depression, blood sugar and other ailments more productively than prescription drugs.

“Part of this job for me is working with women and their doctors to get them off or lower their medications,” Bramlage said. “God made us individuals. We are not all a size 6. We need to feel good about who we are. I love working with women and if they want to lose weight we can help with that or help them at becoming more fit. We will also be for young people too. The hydraulic equipment can meet you wherever you are and improve you at your rate.”

To set up an appointment or more information call (502) 727- 0368.