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As you may be aware, on Dec. 13, Henry Countians will cast their vote on whether to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages in restaurants that have seating for 50 people or more.

It is my opinion, voting yes would drastically increase the job opportunities available in our county. As owner of Country Collectibles, I believe that within three to four months I would double my work force in order to properly staff the food-service end of my business.

Furthermore, part of the benefit of living close to a major interstate is having several options to patronize a wide variety of restaurants. Since major chains cannot sell alcoholic beverages, they consider Henry County as being a less profitable place to operate their business. Thus, our choices of restaurants are very limited.

Please vote yes to make it profitable for more businesses to operate in Henry County. I believe it would dramatically increase potential job opportunities for countless people, enabling them to obtain valued employment in our wonderful county.

Steve Losch
Country Collectibles Owner