Campbellsburg to revamp business license ordinance

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By The Staff

After several months of discussion and tabling, the Campbellsburg City Council has agreed to revamp its business license ordinance.

Council member Jennifer Bratton recommended the city impose the business license fee only on established businesses within the city’s limits.

That, the council decided, would eliminate those companies and individuals who do business in the city, but do not have a permanent base there, from the ordinance, such as lawn mowing services, package delivery companies and food service delivery companies.

In other business, the council voted to give Mayor Jan Fletcher the authority to approve a change order related to reconstruction at the city’s fire department.

The change order will allow for the construction of a handicap accessible bathroom in the fire station, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Campbellsburg Fire Chief David Noe questioned the necessity of a handicap accessible bathroom because, he felt, the bathroom would be temporary.

“My understanding was that the bathrooms we’re leaving in there right now, were temporary,” he said. “We were setting the station up to house the trucks only until we started the second phase of construction.”

He questioned why it was “such an emergency” to make the change, when it hadn’t been done previously.

City attorney Joe Yates said he wasn’t “in the loop” previously, but that he was certain an ADA compliant bathroom was necessary. “You’re welcome to check with a state agency that handles ADA, but I bet you a dollar to a donut that unless your temp bathroom means bathrooms under a tent for a very short period of time ... (and) given the nominal cost of an ADA bathroom and the speculative nature of building an addition,” Yates would back off his position that “if you build a bathroom, it has to be ADA compliant.”

Noe indicated that he believed the situation was temporary because “if we get (a FEMA) grant,” it would “change the whole phase of construction.”