Campbellsburg's decision

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C’burg’s decision
Before I moved to Campbellsburg 11 years ago, I researched the town online and found the community I wanted to locate to. Democratic voting, liberal thinking small town with a sprinkling of diversified ethnic mix, I found my home online and moved my family in.
As a Democrat, I was proud to endorse Obama for president and proudly had an election sign put up in my front yard.
When my teenage son came home from school, he rushed through the door crying, “Are you crazy? You need to take that sign down before you get us killed.”
I told him just because I endorse a candidate doesn’t mean we are going to get killed over it, and I wouldn’t take it down. Someone did take it down, but I put it right back up. Our yard was also egged, but hey, I stand up for what I believe in.
Fast forward to the present when I asked thecity council to take up a fairness ordinance and Shelley Noe jumped on it and Lorraine Hawkins seconded the motion.
Weeks ago, I took packets of information regarding the fairness ordinance down to city hall and asked for it to be handed to council members. Since, I had no way to contact them. I also asked the clerk if she could ask Shelley and Lorraine to have a meeting with me.
Shelley agreed, but then backed out minutes before and then refused to have contact with me.
Tuesday, Jan. 21 as I was entering city hall, the mayor stopped me and said he wouldn’t allowl the packets of info to be given to council members, but I was free to hand them out with just minutes before the meeting started.
I don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out why the change of heart for the ordinance, PRESSURE, and not the good kind.
There is a clause in the constitution of the United States, that this country was founded on stating that there is a separation of church and state.
If my memory serves me right, this means that the church does not make or should not influence the laws of the land.
After the opinions of the people were spoken, the council members hung their heads down just like the Pleasureville council did when it came up requesting a vote.
If the government is going to allow churches to meddle in the affairs of legislation, then the churches have become part of the government thereby rendering their tax exempt status invalid. They all need to go back and read what their founding fathers wrote.
Punkin Burk