CBurg to invest in firehouse repairs

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

The city of Campbellsburg will, again, have to fork out some cash for the rebuilt Campbellsburg Fire Station.

Campbellsburg Mayor Rex Morgan said during the city’s Monday night meeting that he asked an electrician to look into some ‘issues’ at the station. The request came as part of an attempt by the city to address a list of problems with the revamped station as provided by the Campbellsburg Volunteer Fire Department.

That electrician’s report wasn’t good — Morgan was told there were “several code violations,” and Morgan requested a list.

After receiving the list, Morgan said he met with the company who had been awarded the contract to build the station — Jeff Perry and Sons — and the city discussed the problems.

“It was not intended to be a ‘this is wrong’ kind of thing, just that these are some discrepancies,” Morgan said. He asked Perry to discuss the issues with the electrical subcontractor, and “let us know if it’s the subcontractor’s responsibility.”

The city should know, he said, by the end of the month what the response will be.

“Make a long story short, there’s some work that we’re going to have to spend money on over at the fire house,” Morgan said.

‘How did it pass inspection?’

Council member Sharon Klem asked, bluntly, how the building passed inspection if there were so many issues.

Morgan said that because the building passed inspection, the contractors thought “everything was okay.” But he noted that the electrician he spoke with said an electrical inspector doesn’t go in and inspect every item in the facilitiy. “To what extent do they inspect the facility, I don’t know,” Morgan said.

Morgan said there were about 20 code violations, including 30 amp breakers on 20-amp wires. “Was it the subcontractor’s job to fix that? No,” he said. “But I’ve been told if they noticed something, it was their job to bring it to the city’s attention.

“Obviously, that was not done.”

He added that the contractors said if work had been done incorrectly, “they said they would be responsible for that.”

The leaky roof

Electrial problems aren’t the building’s only issue — the roof leaks, particularly on the rear of the station.

Morgan said the city has tried to get companies in to look at the roof, but in many cases have been blown off.

One company discussed sealer joints, which Morgan said would cost about $7,300 for spray-on sealer.

But a roofing company Morgan consulted said the metal used for the roof was not the right type, and not meant for roofs. “”That metal is more to be used on the siding,” Morgan said.

Additionally, a rubber seal that should be on the roof around the edge was not installed.

“What (Highland Roofing Company) suggests is to put a new roof over the existing roof,” among other repairs. The estimate from the Louisville-based company was $31,000.

Morgan hinted that the city might attempt to seek reimbursement through insurance, though the commission and city attorney said unless the damage was caused by weather, such a claim was unlikely to succeed.

And that rankled at least one council member.

“So there’s no way we can hold the contractor responsible for this?” John Suter asked. “We got screwed all the way around on this.”

Morgan stressed that he was not pointing fingers in any direction, but that he wants to get a list from Perry and Sons about what things were done wrong.

“We’ve got some discrepancies and I don’t want it construed that the city is laying blame right now,” he said.

Suter said that ultimately, he didn’t hold the contractor responsible, “I hold the inspector who looked at it,” responsible.

The contractors did, according to Morgan, ask why it has taken the city two years to find the discrepancies. That was in part, he said, because the city had been asking the fire department to provide a list of the issues. That list was not received until this year, and “since then, we’ve been pursuing getting things fixed.”


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