Center’s price tag increases

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

Exterior work related to the Campbellsburg Station community center could cost an additional $20,000 because of site drainage issues.

Harold Bratton told city council members Monday night that the site’s drainage issues are more complex than initially believed.

An area on the southwest corner of the building is prone to flooding after rain, and Bratton said the drain line takes an unusual path. “The best we can determine… the direction it runs would put it under the old Depot,” he said. The drain line also includes 2-foot sections of clay tile, which Bratton said was unusual because of its size and because they were broken.

On another corner of the building is a ctach basin.

“You’ve got the water that comes from the grate at the corner of the bank… it runs under the road, runs out on the ground (by the community center),” Bratton said.

To correct some of the drainage issues, Bratton said the water would have to be rerouted. “There’s going to be, probably, a catch basin near First street, one behind the building,” and a third near the end of the building.

Work on the drainage issue will delay certain elements of the building, including handicap walkways and handrails.

Beyond the exterior issues, though, the building’s interior could be finished within two weeks, Bratton told the council.

“I think we’re going to have a building ready to use that may not be usable because we’re trying to do some outside things to it,” he said.