CEO students helping to weatherize homes

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

General Manager

During the coldest months, Eminence resident Ruth Staples sometimes resorts to sporting her bathrobe to stay warm. When it's really cold, she said, the bathroom of her small Eminence home is the warmest spot in the house.

As thumps emanated from underneath her house, Ruth Staples, of Eminence, said she couldn't be more blessed. Students from the Center for Educational Options were weatherizing her home, and just in time for the hard winter months. Students working the home's crawlspace were securing fallen insulation back into place.

The 71 year old, who shares her home with a daughter and two grandchildren, said the work the students were doing could only help.

"It really helps because I'm on a fixed income," she said. And while she used to put plastic over her windows and take other weatherization steps herself, "I can't do things like I used to."

Bill Webb, director of the CEO, said the students - with a little help from their instructors - were applying plastic to the windows, caulking around the doors and putting weather stripping around the homes doors in an attempt to cover any spot where cold air could get in.

Staples said a visit to Eminence City Hall to pay a bill resulted in the CEO's visit. She told employees there that she was heading home to do some weatherization. Later, a city employee called and told Staples about the CEO's weatherization project.

Webb said the weatherization program, in just its first year, developed from a conversation in a physical science class.

"This program grew out of a class about environmental issues," he said, and just how much individuals can save by doing simple things like putting plastic over windows and applying weather stripping around doorways.

"The kids were surprised to learn that simple things like this can have a big effect," Webb said. He added that the weatherization project is provided at no cost. And that, Webb said, is a credit to the Henry County Public School district.

"I do have to give some credit to the administration for funding this through the funds they give to the CEO," he said.

For more information on having your home weatherized, contact Webb at the Center for Educational Options at 845-8687.

Once contacted, CEO will come out and assess the weatherization needs.

Webb said the group has applied for a grant which he indicated would allow CEO to do more energy saving work in homes.

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