Chamber is here for your business

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

By Pat Wallace

Executive Director, Henry County Chamber of Commerce

Why should you support Henry County businesses?

When shopping runs you ragged, and you think there is no end to the trips to the "Big City," stop and think about the fact that Henry County has many good businesses that may offer just what you need without the hassle. While we all realize we need more business to offer the items you cannot purchase here, we should remember to help our current businesses stay in the community.

Why shop Henry County?

Because this is where many of you make your money and this is the place to spend it.

Because your personal and business interests are here.

Because the community that is good enough to live in is good enough to shop and do business in.

Because you want to see the goods and services you buy and you get what you pay for.

Because you can get follow-up and after-sales service right here at home.

Because every dollar you spend here stays here and works for the development of our community.

Because the local merchants and businesses support your kids' teams and other local organizations.

Because the business you deal with stands behind their products and services.

Because the businesses you deal with pay their taxes here at home.

Because the businesses you deal with help support your school, your church and your home.

Local buying supports local jobs.

Not only are those reasons good ones for buying from our local businesses, but when was the last time a "Big City" store bought raffle tickets, ads in the school yearbook, or let you put a poster in their window? Do they open after hours when an emergency strikes and you are desperate for a water heater or fuse or medicine?

If we do not give some of our earnings to our local businesses, will we have any local businesses left? Think about this when you decide where to purchase the many gifts and necessities for the upcoming holiday season. Promote pride and progress in Henry County by doing your part to keep our merchants and businesses in business.

The Chamber encourages you to (Check) Henry County First before you waste gas going to another county to buy your items. Yes, we know it is sometimes difficult or impossible to find certain items here, but if possible business owners knew they could do well by coming to Henry County and setting up needed businesses, we would have a thriving economy.

The Chamber has gift certificates in $5 and $10 denominations that can only be used in Henry County businesses. This is our attempt to keep money in the county. They can be used at 15 local businesses, and any chamber member can be included in this campaign at no cost. The next time you can't think of a gift for that hard to please person, give these certificates and they can use them at the following businesses: 4 Seasons BP, Avon (Karen Taylor), Brownings, Cooks, Colonial Hill B&B, Country Collectibles, Chat and Nibble, Tanfastic Tanning and Gifts, Henry Co. Animal Clinic, Make a Memory, Our Best, Perry's Hardware, Pleasureville Florist and Antiques, Smith Berry Winery, and Hawkins Farm Center.