Choose wisely

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By The Staff

Ever since the 2008 Kentucky Primaries, I have tried my best to convince the many Hillary supporters that they should vote for Obama in the general election.  Many cite the fact that his age of 47 years is too young to which I usually counter with the fact that Senator John F. Kennedy was 43 years old and Governor Bill Clinton was 46 years old when they became president.  

Others bring up the point that his lofty message is impractical.  This bothers me more than any complaint I’ve heard.  Perhaps people don’t remember that candidate Bill Clinton ended every campaign speech in 1992 with the words, “And I still believe in a place called Hope!”  This partly referred to his hometown of Hope, Arkansas but also it signified a message that tried to lift people up.  At a time when the economy was on the downslide, a candidate stood up and told people that government can help them.  Sound familiar?

In this hour of anxiety, when everyone’s looking for someone to blame for the economic crisis, most Americans are losing whatever faith they had left in both the stock market and government.  What’s needed most now is a president who can restore people’s confidence in the institutions that have supported them for so long.  We need a visionary leader, someone who will invest in green technologies and green jobs…someone who will expand healthcare options through expanding government healthcare to anyone who wants it…someone who will help make education more affordable…someone who will cut taxes on the people that need it the most, the middle-class not the wealthy.  

We have monumental challenges and we need serious solutions.  

So please, choose wisely.

Austin Redmon