Circuit Court Clerk supports Lyle

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When I started with the Henry County Circuit Clerk’s office in 1982, things were a lot different than they are today.

We issued driver’s licenses with a typewriter and a Polaroid camera. Now, all licenses are issued through a web-based system that does it all. From doing a national driving record check on each person, to presenting the license with the person’s information encoded on the back.

At that time, we also issued boat licenses and maintained all court records for Circuit and District with a typewriter and copy machine.

Now all court records are maintained on a computer system that goes through a server to Frankfort, the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Since 1982, I have worked with four circuit judges and five district judges. The number of court records increases annually. In traffic tickets alone, we may have as many as 5,000 cases. To maintain all of these records is a great responsibility. Because of this, experience is needed.

There are so many areas of responsibility from personnel management to maintaining records, issuing driver’s licenses and jury management program.

In 1988, my chief deputy, Gina Lyle, started with the Circuit Clerk’s office. We have worked alongside each other through many changes.

Experience is needed to keep the office running and the public served. To have the knowledge to handle problems as they arise, you cannot always get from a book, it comes from experience.

Gina does a great job, not only working with the public, but with court records, drivers licenses, working with judges and recording court procedures.

Other duties include backup bookkeeping, preparing records for the Court of Appeals, working as bench clerk for our Chief Circuit Judge and District Judge when needed.

She also handles indictments, Circuit Court civil cases and, as chief deputy, Gina has a supervisory role.

Along with Gina, I have eight more deputies and a bookkeeper.. These deputies take care of felonies, misdemeanors, district civil, probate, traffic, juvenile, mental health and small claims cases.

My bookkeeper is responsible for three receipt units and balancing state money each month. As of December 2011, there were 11,202 licensed drivers in Henry County.

As you can see, there is a great deal that goes through my office.

Experience is needed to do this job, and I know that Gina is the right person to be the next circuit clerk for Henry County.

I hope you will join me and vote for Gina Lyle on May 22 for Henry County Circuit Clerk.

Mary Lou Roberts