Citizen involvement and civic pride

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Every town needs it to prosper and Eminence has it!
As an example, perhaps you’ve noticed lately the change in the Eminence Cemetery. Those stark dead tree trunk that stood defiantly throughout the cemetery since the tornadoes of the early 1970s are gone. Removing them was the first phase of a plant to bring our venerable cemetery back to its heritage of beauty and dignity.
The inspiration to do this refurbishing came from Eminence residents and others who live and continue to love Eminence.  They are Kay Coomes, Martha Sparrow Hall, Tim Adams, C.A. Berry, William H. Mason Jr., Stanley Clark (who is also sexton) and Ted Bates. The above are members of the Eminence Cemetery Board of Directors. Legal advisor William Brammell Sr. is also of this group.
The Eminence Cemetery was chartered by the Kentucky State Legislature in 1860. Its first burial was in 1864. The land was purchased from the Wilson family, ancestors of Kent Floyd, a present day attorney in New Castle.
When the cemetery was opened a number of people who had been buried on their farms in the vicinity were moved to the cemetery.
Those men of 1860 who had the vision and so made possible our cemetery had names many of which are still in our community: Clubb, Bright, McCorkie, Brown, Swinney, Wilson and Crabb. They were the Eminence Cemetery Board of that day. For one and a half centuries their creation has been the “going home” resting place for heroes of five wars as well as for our families and loved ones.
More renovation with new trees and shrubbery, improved roads, straightening of monuments, etc. needs to be done. Citizens of Eminence, you will have your chance to help. Show your willingness to get involved.

Ted Bates