City of Eminence has plenty to be proud of

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By The Staff

My name is Shawn Bright. I am an Eminence City Council member and I have tried to write a letter to the editor every so often to keep you up to date about city happenings. It has been one year since I was elected, so I thought it was a good time to give an overview on some of the things that happened in the last twelve months. First, I would like to say that being a city council member has been a very interesting job and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Being an elected official is a life changing experience. As a council member you meet a lot of new people and you also learn a lot of things about your city and county that maybe you might not get to learn otherwise. These experiences I have enjoyed and I will always be grateful for the people who voted and supported me during the last election.

In the last year, the Eminence city council has brought a lot of new energy to the city. We have started some new festivals like Music On Main, Halloween at the Renaissance Fair, Light up Eminence with more lights, just to name a few. I do believe that in doing this, it has started to help this city come together as one. This council has worked with the police and fire departments trying to help them operate to the highest level so that they can better serve the people of Eminence. I know some of these seem to be small steps, but they will end up being great leaps over time. I have talked to some people who say "Shawn we need more business in town." I couldn't agree more. We do have a few in the works. A new Family Dollar store and a new family restaurant is coming very soon. I know that our mayor is talking and working hard with people everyday on trying to find new businesses that will work in this city. Growth will come; we all know that. This council is also working on some new ordinances that will make our down town look better so that when new people visit Eminence, they will like their first impression. There is a committee that is trying to get the Eminence swimming pool back open. If you haven't heard of them they go by the name of "MAKING WAVES," and that name fits them perfectly. They have already put a lot of work into their dream of reopening the Eminence pool and I believe strongly that they will get it done. As they say, our kids deserve to have a place to swim and make memories like we did.

In closing, I would like to say that I will work hard the next 12 months for this great city that we call home. And I encourage anyone who has any ideas or comments that will help this city, to please call or email me anytime. Let's all work together to make this a great place to live. My cell phone number is 220-8366 and my email is sbright22124@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon.

Eminence City Council member,

Shawn C. Bright