Coach 'Fro' say goodbye to EHS

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By Greg Woods

Steve Frommeyer’s 30-year run as head coach of the Eminence Warriors’ football team came to an end on Feb. 11 when he called his team and coaches together to let them know that he was moving on. It is a familiar scene in high school and college sports. Coaches move around a lot. But this scene was different. Frommeyer devoted the majority of his career to tiny Eminence High School.

Even though Frommeyer never lived in the town, he was as much a part of the community as any native. Over the years he also served as a teacher, track coach and principal. In Eminence everyone knew who you were talking about if you mentioned Coach Fro.

When asked about his time as Eminence football coach Frommeyer said:

“It’s been nothing but a tremendous 30 years. I am grateful to the Eminence Board of Education and to Jim Edwards and David Baird who took a chance on a young guy who had never been a head coach before. I’d like to thank Mr. Ben Coomes who cast the deciding vote to keep the program going the month before I was hired.

I would also like to thank the current superintendent Mr. Buddy Berry for allowing me to continue as football coach over these last few years.”

Frommeyer also mentioned the many coaches who have helped him over the years but had specific words for two who were with him for a long time.

“I am so grateful to for all the coaches I have had the opportunity to work with over the years,” Frommeyer said. “A special debt of gratitude goes to Mark Meadows who I coached with the longest. I don’t know if I could have done it all without his help and support. Steve Metcalfe came in shortly after Mark and has always helped out. His willingness to pitch in and help with all the little things has been a tremendous help over the years.

“I want to thank the booster club,” he continued. “They have been a huge positive force not just for football but for the school and all the sports. We couldn’t have had the success we’ve had without their help”

Frommeyer finished with words of gratitude for the several hundred young men he worked with on the football field.

“Most of all and most importantly, I’d like to thank all the players who have stuck with me through the years and helped to create an Eminence football family that I think will live on forever,” Frommeyer said.

When asked about his decision to work on the St. Xavier football staff as the receivers coach Frommeyer said, “I didn’t go looking for a job. It was an opportunity that was presented to me. After thinking and praying about it, it felt like God wanted me to move out of my comfort zone and do something different.

“The opportunity to coach at St. X alone would not entice me to leave Eminence. But the opportunity to develop the leadership, character and virtue of the players on a large scale was ultimately what attracted me to make the move.”