Coaches, players honor Frommeyer

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By Greg Woods

When asked to comment on Coach Steve Frommeyer’s 30-year stint as Eminence Warriors’ football coach many former players and colleagues could not stop talking. Here is a sampling of what they had to say.

Mark Meadows, Frommeyer’s trusted assistant for many years:

“We coached together for about 22 years off and on. He’s been great for the school and the football program. When he came here the program was about dead.

“To him, it’s not about wins and losses. It’s about touching young men’s lives and helping them with their problems. I tell kids that if you can’t play for Frommeyer, you can’t play for anybody. He did his best to keep kids around and motivated.”

   Mike Roberts, former player and assistant coach:

“I feel that I am as qualified as anyone to comment on his 30 years as head coach since I was there in the beginning as a sophomore on his first team in 1984. He took over a program on the verge of being eliminated. The five years prior to his arrival, the team finished with a combined record of 12-37.

“His biggest challenge was changing the culture; getting those in the program believing and expecting to win on Friday nights. His first five seasons at Eminence, he amassed a record of 34-21 and the program hasn’t had a losing season since his first year here. His final record tally after 30 years is 241-105.

“On a personal level, Steve Frommeyer has been an advisor, counselor, dear friend and mentor to me as a student-athlete, then as a father and coach. He taught me how to be a man of integrity under all circumstances and that any success obtained without integrity is always shallow and short-lived. The most important thing to him is seeing his former players go on and succeed in life. I estimate that he coached approximately 600 student-athletes over the course of his 30 years here. For all the success that he had on the field, his legacy runs much deeper than football. We are his legacy.”

Corey Roberts, current senior for the Warriors and Mike’s son:

“Over the thirty years here he could have changed but he kept the Eminence tradition going. He taught his players about integrity, leadership and perseverance.”

Jason Scriber, former player- Coach Frommeyer was somewhat of an anomaly in the coaching profession. How many young, aspiring coaches would choose to begin their careers with a distressed football program at one of the smallest schools in the state? That person would have to be well versed in the sport, dedicated, and have a vision for success. Fortunately, Coach ‘Fro’ possessed all those qualities. Not many coaches these days would have the desire, or be successful enough, to stay at a school for 30 years. Most would use a school like Eminence as a “stepping-stone” for bigger and better things. Not only did Coach ‘Fro’ build a football program, he left a lasting impression on every player and every team. Even though he never lived in the Eminence area, he was, and always will be a part of this community. I thank him for the opportunities, guidance and wisdom that he gave me as a player and student at Eminence. He will definitely be missed, but never forgotten! Thanks, ‘Fro’!”

T. J. Cooper, former player:

“Coach Frommeyer was a leader for me as well as teaching us all leadership. He also coached me in track. I had the opportunity to be coached by him more than most players because of that. We had a bond where he was a father figure to me. I look up to Coach Frommeyer as a man. The number one thing is leadership. He taught me to be humble and have good character before I went off to Kentuckey State and that made me a better player.

“My senior year was the year Coach ‘D’ (Dwayne Douglas) passed away and I saw a change in him. He was doing everything by himself and I saw a strength in him I never saw before.”

Cornelius Sanford, current senior for the Warriors:

“He taught us a lot of lessons about character. He led by example on how to be a man. It wasn’t about winning and losing as much as building character.

“As far as wins and losses are concerned his experience allowed him to be prepared for any game situations.

“Sometimes you would question things but you just could trust him that it would work out.”

Shelby Armstrong, current senior for the Warriors:

“He was definitely one of the most dedicated coaches I’ve been coached by. He drove out here from Louisville every day to coach us and that takes dedication. I think if I had to choose any coach that was a second father, I would have to pick Coach Frommeyer because he taught us about life and how to be a man.”

Todd Gilley, athletic director at Henry County High School:

“Steve Frommeyer has been synonomous with Eminence pride, both athletic and academic, for as long as I can remember.

“I hope that the Eminence community realizes what Steve had done for them, and I am sure that they are proud of all his accomplishments for the entire community.”

Travis Hernandez, former player and current teacher at EHS:

“He did an awesome job of promoting the team in terms of getting kids notice for scholarships as well as meeting our basic needs.

“He might pick us up for practice or send film and letters to colleges to help us out. He did it all.”

Hayden Hoofman, current senior for the Warriors:

“He is a fantastic man. He would drive all the way from Louisville every day for 30 years to coach us. Not many people would do that. It shows his dedication and heart towards us.”

Buddy Berry, Superintendent of Eminence Independent Schools and former player:

“I started playing for him in eighth grade. Nobody has meant more to me professionally, and personally than Coach Frommeyer. He has been a mentor, a friend, and ultimately a coach for the better part of 25 years.”