Coach's Corner-Willie Peyton

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By Greg Woods

Basic bio





High School

Henry County High School


Jefferson Community College

Teaching position

Retired from Ford Motor Company after 30 years

Coaching background

Middle and high school basketball, freshman baseball, girls’ and boys’ high school golf


Wife Kathy Peyton, children Chris Peyton, Todd Peyton and LeeAnn Lois.



Outside interests?

Hunting and being with my 4 grandchildren.


Why did you get into coaching?



I always loved sports and played them all in high school. I felt sports were actually what made me want to go to school and make my grades.  I admired my coaches and hoped I could do some of the same things these coaches had done for me.

What is your coaching philosophy?



You always want to win, but I try to tell the players it is not the end of the world as long as you try and do your best.

What has been the highlight of your athletic career?



In basketball I will always remember being one of the top three teams in region as a player. We were upset in District play but that was a great time for me.

In coaching I think starting the girls golf program, when I was told I would never get enough girls to play, and building and keeping it as one of the top programs in the state has been the highlight. Taking girls to the state tournament the last three years is an indication of how far we have come.

If you could have a couple of hours with any great coaching legend past or present who would it be? Why?



Lou Holtz, former football coach. I had a chance to listen to Mr. Holtz speak on motivation and disabilities one day and it was amazing to find out about his speech disability that no one would notice now as he is commentator on some of the college games. We all try to instill this motivation in the young people we work with to do their best no matter what obstacles they may face.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you have for your players?



Always do your best and no one can ask for more.


If you could change one thing about high school athletics what would it be? Why?



Such pressure is put on young athletes today with our year-round practices and workouts, camps. I would put more limits on these types of activities and give the athletes more time to be themselves and students.