Collective -Communism Mr. Yates?

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After reading Mr. Joe Yates’ letter (July 25), and as a resident of neighboring Shelby County now, as a result of redistricting, a member of the 4th Kentucky District (Represented by Geoff Davis), I felt the need to respond to Mr. Yates.

Mr. Yates assumption that the Congressman is “full of it” and his assertions that the Congressman’s “staff written rants” are the product of being a “know nothing,” exemplify the intellectual and moral dishonesty of the left with what he is trying to convey in his thesis. Congressman Davis is as well-spoken, well-written and as direct a person as I have had the opportunity to be aware of serving the U.S. House of Representatives.  

Mr. Yates’ writings remind me of the exact opposite end of that spectrum, as exemplified by Mr. Yarmuth’s (D, KY-3 ) incoherent ramblings on the morning call in show on WHAS Radio where he is a guest every Friday morning around 10 a.m.  To give evidence of my point, Mr. Yates wrote a two-page diatribe in defense of basically four or five sentences withdrawn from the Affordable Health Care Act (sometimes referred to as Obamacare) by Congressman Davis.  At that rate to defend the other 2,699 pages, seven paragraphs and six sentences of the bill, Mr. Yates will need to clear cut the rest of the Brazilian rain forests for the paper required just to print one copy.  (How would his Sierra Club buddies feel about that?)  

While reading through his letter and getting to his statements that start with the bullet “fact,” I come to realize that his references aimed at validating his conclusions are from the same big government sources and agencies that aim to benefit from the fact that this colossal bureaucratic beast was passed in the first place.  So in essence, an analogy would be for the umpire to ask the batter if the pitch was a strike or not…..  

All this being the case, one line stood out more than anything else in the whole letter that gets to the heart of the matter.  A few sentences before he signs his name, he states “And by the way, single payer IS the answer.”  Folks, that statement is code language from the left, progressive, liberal — however you want to classify that ideology — as Collectivism, or as the late Jackie Gleason once declared in his role as Sheriff Buford T Justice: “this ain’t nothin’ but a case of good ole fashioned Communism!”

See my family has a little history of recognizing collectivism or, to call a spade a spade, communism, in this regard- probably more so than any other family in Henry or Shelby Counties.  My dad came to the United States from Hungary after the revolution against the Soviet-backed communist government in October/November 1956.  This ideology of “transferring of wealth from those whom have to those who don’t” is not a new concept; it has been around for many years.  It was probably most famously proposed by Karl Marx in 1848.  

Obamacare is just that — transferring the cost of someone’s health care to someone else.  We hear all the rhetoric about taxing the rich, big corporations not paying their fair share. You still are taking away from someone who has earned and giving it to someone whom has not.  In most of Henry County and still a good portion of Shelby County, a good portion of the local economy is agriculture based, so we are a little bit removed from examples I have given about corporate taxes, withholdings and all that.

So let’s take the example of transferring wealth to another medium that by us living in an agriculture-based, rural setting we can better understand.  Let’s say Farmer Joe has a bumper corn crop and he makes 200 bushels of corn per acre. Collectivism/communism after raiding all the rich folks for higher taxes, and also after running all the big mean corporations off to foreign shores, it still needs to keep fueling the beast. Where else can they turn?

Next they come to Farmer Joe and want, let’s say, 35 percent (same tax bracket that is being proposed for the “rich”) of those 200 bushels of corn, or 70 bushels for every acre produced.  What is to stop them there?  Why does Farmer Joe need those 100 acres he owns?  He don’t need all that land to get by, let’s take 35 percent of it and give it to someone else so they  have a little land.  Heck, let’s take the whole thing and all the rest of the farms in the county, put them all together in a collective farm and everyone can work there for minimum wage. We can feed the country and split the profits.  Except in reality, because of the bureaucratic waste of the big government agency assigned to oversee the whole mess, no profits are ever realized and everyone is poor.

Many of you declare “well that can never happen here.” Well the good folks in Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, East Germany, etc., never thought it could happen there either, except it did in 1954.  My dad and his pals took to the streets in Budapest in the fall of 1956 to try to get things back.  He took a bullet from a Russian soldier in the leg- he was one of the lucky ones- many of his buddies did not live.  It took President Reagan to go to Berlin in 1989 and tell Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear down this wall.”

The experiment in communism had failed and just now some of those countries are beginning to pull themselves out of the damaging effects it had caused them for decades.  In light of those events 50-some odd years ago, I always tease with my friends: “Ronald Reagan won the Cold War, but my dad started it!”

Now the first thing my friends on the left will say to this comment of mine is: “Well who benefited from Reaganomics or trickle down economics?”  My answer is always the same, and one that they can never respond to- “name a time in our 236-year history, that our economy  was stronger than it was after he left office?”  Our system of a free market driven economy is/has been the greatest success story in the history of man to promote freedom and an unparalleled standard of living.

You see Mr. Yates, a lot of folks recognize what your game is.  There is no time frame; a little here a little there, noone will ever notice at that rate. But in reality we do.  Collectivism – communism — it’s what is going on here if you really want to be blunt and direct as you try to do in your letter calling out Congressman Davis.

I say “Thank God” for folks like former Congressman Davis and our former Congressman over here in Shelby County, Brett Guthrie.  They are trying to thwart your advances and at least are not coming across as a wolf in sheep’s clothing and talk and write as the good folks they are.

You see Mr. Yates, you sir are the one that is full of something, and quite frankly it stinks!

Ferenc X. Vegh Jr.