Commissioner charged with assault

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By Brad Bowman

A New Castle city commissioner was arrested in June after allegedly assaulting a tenant with a baseball bat.

Trooper Zach Morris arrested New Castle City Commissioner Juanita Raisor for 4th degree assault minor injury while conducting an investigation.

Morris saw Raisor’s car pull into the driveway of her rental property at 1879 S. Property Road in New Castle, while he was canvassing the neighborhood on June 19 for a theft by unlawful taking case involving her tenant James Walker’s property. A man mowing the yard informed Trooper Morris that Raisor was the landowner as he returned from across the street. Morris walked toward the barn on the property to find Raisor yelling and screaming at Walker. Walker held his leg yelling at Raisor that he would press charges.

According to Walker’s statement from the citation, Raisor took a bat and swung at him, but missed. Walker claimed Raisor then threw the bat at him hitting his leg.

According to the arrest report, Raisor admitted to Morris that while upset and angry, she picked up the bat and tried to hit Walker with it before throwing it. Morris reported seeing a scratch and redness around the area of contact on Walker’s leg. Morris charged Raisor with 4th degree assault minor injury and license in possession as Raisor stated she had left her license at home.

According to court records, Raisor gave Walker written notice to vacate the property on April 1 because he hadn’t paid rent at the South Property residence since March 23. Walker signed a lease agreement for a trailer located on the property on Nov. 29, 2011 agreeing to pay Raisor $120 a week. Raisor stopped charging late fees as of March 23 and stated that Walker did not take care of the trailer, the yard and was told not to use the barn. Raisor filed an eviction notice against Walker and the court ruled in her favor for $1,550 in restitution for rent owed and fees. Despite the court ruling that an eviction writ could be issued after June 6, Raisor did not sign a  warrant of possession to force Walker’s eviction.