Community, paper should be proud of baseball team

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By The Staff

I’m writing this letter to the editor in hopes that many of your readers will see this and better appreciate the accomplishments of this year’s Henry County High School baseball team. As a parent and a fan I was anticipating a wonderful, positive and encouraging headline and a picture of “our” team in “our” Henry County Local after playing in the Regional baseball finals. After beating Gallatin, Williamstown and Trimble County teams to win the North Central Kentucky Conference Championship, after winning the 31st District Championship, after beating Shelby County and Oldham County in order to play in the 8th Region championship gameeethe headlines read, “Hot streak fizzles outeeAnderson gets 17 hits in route to 11-3 championship win.” Was the article written for “our” local paper or did it appear in the Anderson County local paper? And to make matters even worse, the only picture was of Anderson County scoring a run. I was hoping for a picture of one of “our” many great plays and maybe a positive headline like “Henry County Battles for 8th Region Championship” or “Great Season Comes to an End” or “Henry County’s 20 Win Season Comes to a Close.” You could have even used a line from the article as the headline, “Storybook Run Comes to an End.”

The motto the Wildcat team members adopted for the season was, “Band of Brothers” and that is exactly how they played. Starting with our coaches all the way to the younger members who traveled with the team, they always stayed positive and played with a team attitude and yet time after time the sports headlines were less than positive when describing the weekly events.

Henry County beat Shelby County who played in last years State finals, they won over Oldham County who boasts more than 1200 students compared to our more than 600 students. This was quite an accomplishment for the team! The last time a Wildcat baseball team made it to the finals of the Region was in 1963. This team is special and needed positive headlines.

The bleachers were filled to capacity, there were two to three rows of people standing and sitting all around the field at all three HCHS games played during the Regional Tournament. It’s my opinion that people all around Henry County want to see positive headlines and team pictures. The Wildcats had players make the N.C.K.C. All-Tournament team, 31st District Tournament team, 8th Region Tournament team and seasonal 8th Region team. Where are those pictures and articles? Our kids race to get a Local in hopes of seeing their picture or reading about their honor and last week’s headline and one picture of Anderson County scoring were disappointing. Since baseball, a major sport at HCHS, advanced to the finals of the Region, I felt it deserved positive headlines and pictures. I respect the Local and its editors and realize how hard it must be to please everyone. I know you must put in countless hours on all of the team articles but it just seems to me that you missed the opportunity to make the headlines positive and give accolades where accolades were deserved.

Mary Roberts

New Castle