Cook's cares

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Let me add to the comments regarding the proposed CVS Pharmacy for Eminence and the impact on Cook’s  long’ time establishment in Henry County.  A small bit of information amid volumes of rhetoric written in the past few months.  Not to even express an opinion as to the validity of a new business in Henry County, but to inform the public as to the character of the existing one.

A few weeks ago the Henry County Conservation District hosted their annual meeting and in the process of preparing for the event I noticed we needed a few more cutlery items.  This was a very last minute discovery, the day before, so time was not on my side to solve the dilemma. 

I needed to travel to Campbellsburg Supermarket, so I checked at Cook’s Campbellsburg store for the items.  Sharon Rowlett helped me look on the racks, etc. but there were none of items I needed.  She then called the Eminence store and found some.  When I got back to the office there was a message  from Campbellsburg Cook’s stating they had searched at another location in the store and found what I needed.  Best part, since they were left from a promotion that had expired, there would be no charge!  Now, do you think this (small for them, large for us) favor would have been possible from a larger organization?  I tend to think not.  Not only was this a welcome contribution to a Henry County entity, but to have employees spend time to search was even more impressive.

The point being, change is quite often the result of growth in any situation, perhaps another pharmacy in our county would be the best route possible, however this act shown to a local from a local only bolsters the concept of community caring.   Without caring it just a business.

Thank you Cook’s for being so helpful!

Mikki Croxton, Administrative Secretary

Henry County Conservation District