County offering more recycling options

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By Cindy DiFazio

Staff writer/photographer

With additional locations and no sorting necessary, Henry County residents should now find the recycling process a breeze.

County Judge Executive John Logan Brent said when the county negotiated a new contract with Rumpke more recycling bins were requested. “We already had several at the county road barn,” he said. “We got two new ones at Eminence schools and Eastern Elementary.”

Brent said many residents questioned whether actual recycling was occurring because dumpsters are being used rather than compartmentalized bins.

He explained that the recyclables are taken to a single stream facility that makes consumer separation of paper, aluminum, plastic and glass a thing of the past.

Brent said materials start down a conveyor belt equipped with holes that do the sorting. “The bottles fall through holes, magnets and reverse magnets catch metals and a wind tunnel catches light plastics,” he said. “Cardboard and paper don’t fall through.”

Eminence City Attorney Bill Brammell said the program also accommodates more kinds of recyclables.

“Originally we only took corrugated cardboard, number one and three plastics like milk cartons and soda bottles and aluminum,” he said. “Now we’re receiving it all.”

“We can take cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum and paper,” Brent said.

He said there were problems in the past because people tossed non-recyclable materials into the receptacles.

“Please be very careful that everything you put in is recyclable,” Brent said. “You can ruin the whole load and we’ll have to take it to the landfill.”

Brammell said he hoped to see an increase in local recycling. He said there are plans to erect signage to make bins easier to find.

“It is very accessible,” he said. “This is as good as it gets without having door-to-door collection.”

“Hopefully we’ll get people to participate,” Brammell said. “It’s another small thing we can do to improve the planet.”


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