Create a place for skate boarders to go

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By The Staff

I am writing in response to the article on banning skate boards. The activities for our children in New Castle are limited. If the children are skate boarding instead of selling drugs on our streets than why are we taking away their enjoyment?

We as our children's leaders must look for other ways to fix this solution. We do not have to build an extravagant skate board park such as downtown Louisville, but what about building an area such as the one in LaGrange?

The city of LaGrange was incurring the same problem. Their solution was not confiscating skate-boards but building an area by the LaGrange Fire Department. It is not a big area BUT it has eliminated the problem. The children now gather in this area instead of riding in the streets and business parking lots.

Our children are the future of America. We must show them how to be world changers. Instead of taking away their skate boards the county officials must provide a positive solution to the problem. If the city council is looking for ways to end this solution then take that energy and volunteer some of their time to build an area for the children to enjoy.

If their response is limited funds then why don't they look at other projects to place on hold. We all must remember that we were once children ourselves. No, we may not have ridden skateboards but we cruised the streets and clustered up the parking lots with our cars.

Pam Jump