Customers very pleased with Cook’s

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Dear Sirs:
This is in response to a letter to the editor on Sept. 26.
Having been in small business all my working life I have a special affection for it.
We have found Cook’s store to be the epitome of small business. Cook’s employees have always been courteous and caring — something very special in this fast paced world.
We had our daughter in our home for twelve years after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In that period, special life saving medications were needed for her. Cook’s was always able to provide these medications, even opening the store after hours, always eager to take care of our needs, and they were many.
As Mayor Stephens noted in his letter last week, change is very difficult to accept. The CVS store coming in will be a change, but I am sure Henry County will welcome it as only Henry County can. We realize that the community needs to move on.
Carlton and Martha Clark