CVS looking at Eminence location

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By Brad Bowman

According to Eminence Mayor Drane Stephens, CVS is looking at Eminence as a possible location for one of its stores.

During Eminence’s last city council meeting, Tammy Sharp asked the council to dispel rumors by answering if CVS planned to put a store in Eminence.  Sharp, has been an employee at Cook’s Pharmacy and True Value Hardware for 17 years. She asked the council about the various rumors of CVS Pharmacy coming to Eminence with concern for the impact on the community and her coworkers.

“Fifty-five jobs are in jeopardy,” Sharp said. “It will affect all three stores in Henry County.”

Sharp said Cook’s continues to make contributions to charities within the community and doesn’t require the  ‘red tape run-around’ like most large corporations when it comes to donations.

“As a city we cannot stop them from coming, nor do I know if it would be right to oppose it,” Stephens said. “No final decisions have been made yet. We’ve answered all their inquiries and nothing has been decided yet.”

Stephens emphasized that while competition is good for business, it is not a positive if CVS drives another business out of town. According to Stephens, the positive here is geography.

“One thing it would do for Eminence is draw CVS customers here from other areas. People nearer Eminence in La Grange may come here instead of Crestwood just as those in Shelbyville would come here instead of somewhere else,” Stephens said.

The mayor thought the competition would increase the level of services available to the customers in the surrounding area. CVS has a loyalty card similar to Krogers, which offers greater discounts in the store and online including the pharmacy.

“It would offer a drive through window for people to fill their prescription so people won’t have to get out of their car,” Stephens said. “The amount of people they could employ in the area would be a positive as well.”

Stephens emphasized his belief that Cooks and CVS could both survive in Eminence.

“Cook’s offers services CVS doesn’t have like home delivery to their customers. They offer a one-on-one education to the pharmacy customers and specifically in regards to diabetes that CVS doesn’t do.”

Stephens said that CVS has considered several different scenarios with the surrounding buildings, square footage and decisions haven’t been made yet.

“We hope it is a situation where it can draw people into our town, employ more people in the area and ultimately we can support both businesses,” Stephens said.

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