Dirty business lets you get your Mud Madness on

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By Brad Bowman

Bryan Snider saw something that could be successful when he opened Mud Madness on his relatives’ land.

Snider revamped a business idea in eastern Henry County that is garnering attention from riding clubs in Louisville, Indiana and Cincinnati.

With a sound business policy and 600 acres of trails full of switchbacks and inclines, Snider hopes his business will be something the entire county can be proud of and enjoy.

“Off road vehicles have to be towed in, we don’t allow anything here to run without a header and we follow state regulations,” Snider said. “Whatever my neighbors want I give them as a cushion. If Henry County will support this it will really be something.”

Half a mile from the road in Lockport, Snider and Mud Madness have made trails for every level of off road enthusiasts.

Mud Madness offers 3 miles of flat trails suitable for children to ride under adult supervision and a 16-and-over trail system that couldn’t be covered in a single day of riding. Trails are marked with a color system: green for easy, blue that has obstacles and orange for extreme riders that want to challenge their Side by Sides, buggies, Jeeps with steep inclines and what enthusiasts call ‘crawling’.

“If you want to go through mud, we have mud bogs,” Snider said. “We are working on more obstacles. I listen when my customers come in and they tell me what they liked and the comments we get online. We have staff that stay on the trail system and to guide people, help people if they get stuck or escort them to different trail systems. We want this to be a family park and I’m really proud of how it is coming together.”

Snider has riding clubs like Derby City Jeeps from Louisville, Rusty Nuts from Indiana and Muddy Buddys from Cincinnati that have taken notice of the extensive variety of trails.

“It is really funny to see what people like,” Snider said. “Some people just want to be covered in mud and some drivers have no interest in it and just want to ride out in the countryside and enjoy nature. We are getting business now out of the county and I love to see that and hope more people from the county come out too.”

Snider said the park follows strict state guidelines for insurance and safety purposes. Even ATV riders must wear a helmet. Snider doesn’t allow vehicles off his trails or to ride at night out of consideration for property owners on neighboring land.

“We have a really great crowd of people that ride here,” Snider said. “They are responsible and they have fun with their family. It’s given me something to do with my land. We want to grow and we want to make sure we grow in the proper way. We stick to the rules and we have to make sure everyone follows them. It can be fun and you can get hurt very easily. To be a good park, you have to have good riders.”

Mud Madness offers primitive campsites for the weekend. The public can ride one hour after sunrise till one hour before sundown. Snider wants to offer events and host fundraisers for Henry County Public Schools. Derby City Jeeps of Louisville has invested in Mud Madness and have built a sponsored campsite on the grounds.

“A man and his son saw all these guys in Jeeps at McDonald’s. He had just moved down here from New York and had bought a Jeep Renegade,” Snider said. “The Derby City guys told them they were coming here and invited them to go riding with them. They used to ride snowmobile trails up north and now have found something fun to do together here. That’s how we want this to grow.”

Snider said Mud Madness is an off road park and isn’t outfitted for anything similar to motocross. His staff enforces speed limits in the area outside the park’s trail system. Snider hopes to offer something for spectators down the road.

“We have six mud pits that really need to be run through,” Snider said. “There are people that want to watch the more extreme drivers, but we are not there yet. On 600 acres, a driver might pass by every now and then. We would love to have events in the future and we are making sure this will not be a fly-by-night business.”

Mud Madness offers full weekend and daily rates for enthusiasts with overnight camping for those wishing to stay at the park.

“We have a good staff that people can see in reflective vests along the trails to help people out,” Snider said. “We maintain the trails and when they get beat down we cut new ones. A family couldn’t have this much fun for such a small amount of money. We want a family park that the county can take part in and enjoy. It’s something I am proud of and I hope the county will be too.”

For more information about Mud Madness call (502) 845- 0701 or visit them on Facebook at : www.goo.gl/OYFsEs.