District 3 Magistrate Primary Candidates

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By Will Phillips

Which of the county resources (fire department, sheriff’s department, etc.) do you feel deserves the most attention, financially?


Morris: Fire departments. There are several satellite departments scattered throughout the county. These departments carry a fire rating protection class of 9. Ratings run 1 through 10, with 10 being the highest insurance price. I would like to focus on these departments by assisting financially, or grants to better equip them and improve the ratings, which in turn would decrease the residential insurance costs.

Williamson: All county resources are important, safety being one of the highest. Our financial attention needs to be on our roads and bridges.

Stanley: I believe all county resources deserve equal amount of attention. None of them should be overlooked. County resources are very important to citizens of Henry County. Sometimes citizens don’t know how important some of our county resources are until they need them.

As far as which county resource deserves the most financial attention is a very important question that would take a lot of research. This is one of the many responsibilities of a magistrate. You will have to work with other magistrates and the supervisors of each county resource to create a working budget with available monies and take in consideration many obstacles that will change year to year.

What experience do you bring to the table to work as a magistrate?

Morris: Insurance-over 40 years experience in the business, and business management for over 29 years. Real Estate-real estate broker for over 35 years, which has kept me in touch with land values countywide. Farmer- tobacco and beef cattle farmer for over 35 years. This experience has kept me in touch with problems, programs, and payouts our local farm community has and is experiencing.

Williamson: The experience I have is mainly construction work, formerly a foreman at Able Construction. I now own my own business and raise tobacco on my farm in Turners Station. I volunteered as coach in many of our youth programs.

Stanley: I have been a council member for the City of Campbellsburg for over 10 years. I have served and worked together with four different Mayors. I deal with the same responsibilities as a Magistrate on a smaller scale. We work with budgets, police department, fire department, planning and zoning, sewers, roads, trash, recreation, animals, and most importantly individual constituent’s concerns.

I also have worked at Eminence Speaker for 20 years. Eighteen of those have been in a supervisory role. I have been the production manager for ten years. I am responsible for producing a quality product for our customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

Why did you want to run?

Morris: With my business and agriculture experience in the county, I feel I can offer an experienced, common sense approach to county issues. I would like to be a part of the future of Henry County.

Williamson: I’d like to give back to my community. I want what is best for Henry County.

Stanley: I am proud to be born and raised in Henry County. I want everyone that lives here to love their county and community. I am very passionate about our county and am willing to give 110% to make this a better place for everyone. This county is my home and where I have chosen to raise my children, so I am very passionate and vested in our county’s success and our quality of life.

What is an issue important to you?

Morris: First, the agriculture areas of this district should remain intact. The majority of the district is family owned farms and fiscal court should strive to keep it that way. Second, District 3 is unique to the county. It has an industrial park, commercial property, and an undeveloped interstate exchange adjoining the railroad. These areas have the potential to bring huge revenue to the county. However, they need close supervision and planning, as one wrong venture could undermine the remaining area.

Williamson: The biggest issue that I have is economy. We need jobs and job resources. Bringing new business to our industrial parks.

Stanley: All issues are important and should be considered that way. I represent our community, so the issues of most importance to them are the ones most important to me. However, I feel that economic development is a key to our county’s success. I love our small town atmosphere but we need more jobs to support our current and future residents. More jobs will also create more revenue to further better our roads, parks and other county resources.

What do you feel the voters in your district want from their elected officials?

Morris: As with any elected official: 1. Honesty. 2. Stand up for the district and county by not being a yes man. 3. Be available when needed. I have an office phone, fax, home phone, cell phone, e-mail, and Facebook. I can be reached.

Williamson: Progress, plain and simple. Safe roads, jobs, parks and recreation. If I’m elected as magistrate, these will be the areas that should be improved.

Stanley: Everyone has different opinions and wants different things out of their elected officials. I feel that it would be my job to listen to all of those concerns and try to do whatever possible to make them happy. After all, I work and represent them. If you have any question or concerns please feel free to contact me at (502) 544-0668.