District Communication Event results

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By Cathy Toole

The 4-H District #3 Communication Event was held April 16 at the Ballardsville Baptist Church.  Henry County was well represented at the event.  Katherine Buckler gave a speech entitled “Cross Country” about her experiences this past fall in this fast paced sport.  Katherine was able to compete in her first state competition.  She received a blue for her speech.  Renee Toole’s speech entitled “One Nation Under God” was her perspective on the importance of parenting and faith in helping guide youth on the right path to succeed in life and create a stronger nation. Renee received a blue and champion for her speech.

In the demonstration portion Jakob Beckley showed the audience how to make a tasty breakfast sandwich in the cooking category, he received a blue ribbon.  Kendyll Smith demonstrated how to make clay pinch pots and received a blue ribbon.  Kellyn Smith demonstrated how to make potholders and purses from weaving loom loop projects.  Kellyn received a blue ribbon.  Bella Mann put together a demonstration on the steps she took to redecorate her room.  She received a blue and champion ribbon.  Renee and Bella are both eligible to attend the State 4-H Communication Event that will be held in July on the campus of the University of Kentucky.

The third portion of competition that day was the variety show.  Each county is asked to pick its two best performances of their county competition to participate.  The best two performances of the district event are then asked to perform at Cloverville at the Kentucky State Fair in August.  The two performances representing Henry County were Renee Toole singing “Strong Enough” and the duo dance team of Kendyll and Kellyn Smith dancing to “Fireflies.”  Renee received a red ribbon for her performance and Kendyll and Kellyn received a blue ribbon.