Districts show overall improvement

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By Brad Bowman


Students in Eminence Independent and Henry County Public Schools made overall progress in the 2011-2012 testing cycle, according to data release by the Kentucky Department of Education last week.

While students did not make progress at all grade levels, both Henry County Public Schools and Eminence Independent School districts improved compared to last year’s Unbridled Learning Assessment and Accountability data.

Eminence Independent Schools

EIS improved the district’s overall score from 57 in 2012 to 60.1 this year, putting the district into the 82nd percentile in the state, and earning the label of a proficient/progressing district.

Eminence Instructional Supervisor, Thom Coffee said the improvements are worth celebrating.

“We went from a 61st percentile district that needed improvement to a 82nd percentile progressing, proficient district,” Coffee said. “In large part, those improvements in our elementary school going from a fourth percentile to a 41st percentile.”

Eminence Elementary scored 55.3 in reading, 46.3 in math, 84.5 in science, 64.5 in social studies, 57.6 in writing and 53.5 in language mechanics.Eminence Middle School scored 71.2 in reading, 55.5 in math, 87.5  in science, 87.2 in social studies, 79.8 in writing and 56.5 in language mechanics.

Eminence High School scored 87.2 in reading, 62.8 in math, 50 in science, 62.1 in social studies, 86.7 in writing, 78.9 in language mechanics and Eminence High School students scored 58.1 for college and career readiness.

B.J. Martin, district assessment coordinator for EIS, said one impressive highlight is Eminence High School is now considered a high performing distinguished school for its overall 65.3 score ranking the high school in the 91st percentile.

“We’ve crunched these numbers and K through 12 math is our biggest issue and we plan to address it,” Martin said. “We were a lot lower than we needed to be for math.”

Eminence Elementary showed the largest gains out of all three schools in the district. The elementary school scored had a 41.1 overall score placing the school in the 4th percentile for 2011-2012 and had a 55.7 overall score for 2012-2013 raising them to the 41st percentile.

“We’ve had to do the right things in the classroom and not just teaching to the test and the test scores,” Coffee said. “The real assessment is finding out what skills the students have. If we could’ve had a bad label last year we did. We need to still improve, but these gains validate the changes we’ve made.”

Henry County Public Schools

The Henry County School District improved from a 52.7 overall score to 54.1 raising the district from a needs improvement status at the 34th percentile to 45th percentile needs improvement/ progressing district.

Henry County High School’s performance was the highlight, according to Kricket McClure, assistant superintendent of HCPS.

The high school jumped from 52.6 in 2011-2012, to 59.2 overall score raising it to the 74th percentile — from the 40th — in the state making it a proficient/progressing school.

“The high school has made amazing progress to get there,” McClure said. “Especially, on college and career readiness at a score of 67.6. I think that comes down to going kid by kid to make sure they are college and career ready by the time they graduate. We don’t work with just the seniors. We start working with them when they are freshmen, sophomores and juniors too. Looking at where they are in the main contents areas, but also career technologies so they can hopefully be both or one or the other.”

Campbellsburg Elementary scored 47.6 in reading, 54.3 in math, 67.9 in science, 48.1 in social studies, 50.0 in writing and 53.6 in language mechanics.

Eastern Elementary scored 62.1 in reading, 61.7 in math, 78.6 in science, 74.4 in social studies, 59.4 in writing and 53.6 in language mechanics.

New Castle Elementary scored 57.4 in reading, 57.1 in math, 81.5 in math, 69.8 in social studies, 65.9 in writing and 60.1 in language mechanics.

Henry County High School scored 57.2 in reading, 56.5 in math, 47.3 in science, 52.2 in social studies, 63.9 in writing and 69.6 in language arts.

McClure said the teachers took a professional development day last Friday to look at the data and will use it to make necessary changes.

“The district did meet goal and the middle school was two tenths of a point away from meeting their goal. The high school was above the state in math, language mechanics and the elementary was above the state in writing. We need to work on basic content areas in reading. Math has gotten better but reading has fallen and we will continue to focus on science.”